Bee's Error list

Game Version: 101.101.32911.0.4395365


  1. Sprite replacement while testing scenarios

hhhhhhhh, since new users can only put one image, i’ll just use the first one

In a particular scenario i am editing, random sprites (Fortified walls, fortified towers, and the Castle) seem to be mixed up with other sprites also used in the scenario (archery range (britons), archery range(lithuanians), and a generic blue and white flag).

  1. Crashes while using editor

As i have attempted to test my scenario as the number of units and triggers increases, it gets increasingly unstable- to the point where I am now unable to load the scenario, let alone test it. My scenario has 6 factions total, two of which have merely a single unit.

I can email the scenario to you if you’d like to test it yourself. DM me on Discord at beegnyss#5639.

I’ve tried waiting this out before- all that happens is a black screen, and then the game simply disappears from the taskbar and task manager.

Sorry if this is a krepost of someone else’s errors :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Not much to say here. I’ve seen it on other scenarios, in the AOE discord.

  2. I can show you the scenario; usually it happens the more units and triggers are in a scenario.