Being the pocket player in 4v4s

Does anyone else have a VERY low percentage of being a pocket player in 4v4 battles? Anyone know the mechanics of the positions of the players on maps? I played about 10 games yesterday and was pocket player once. 10% chance being pocket player. And the whole month so far played maybe 25 games and was pocket 5 times approx.

It depends on which color you pick:
in a 4v4, the players who are blue/red/orange/grey will always be flank. Players who pick yellow, green, teal, or purple will always be pocket.


You can also consider inviting your friends to play the game :wink: Then you can agree with them about who’s going pocket :wink:

that’s crazy i never knew that lol

It is easier for me to just look at the numbers: Highest and lowest number on each side will be flank, other player(s) will be pocket. This is even applicable for 3v3s.

I also feel like people like to be pocket more then being flank. For that reason more people pick to be pockets, so others will end up more as flanks.

people who are pocket tend to play sim city more often in my elo too thats why i hate being flank in 4v4. get no backup until 45 mins into the game.

Thank you. I asked this in a previous post and never got an answer.

Well actually when 3v3, I prefer to be flank. As a pocket you are supposed to help both sides AND control the pocket from the other side and that’s a lot to do.
And if unfortunately one of your flank is dead, ze resigns regardless of the global situation when the game is actually still playable.
I would prefer to be the one who’s been pressured. I can survive and I believe in my teammate to have a chance winning the game.