Benchmark crash

Hello! My game crashes when i try do the the benchmark for ranked games and sometime it crashes when starting a game in an unranked lobby… When i play with friends online it tends to work most of the time though it crashes sometimes on startup then aswell… Anyone have an idea how to solve this? I have great specs on my computer… :confused:

Ive uploaded a dxdiag with the post…

Please help!

Victor.DxDiagaoe2.txt (110.1 KB)

Help Devs… Please help…


Does it crash with enhanced graphics pack or without it?

Try running the game without enhanced graphics pack if you currently are using it.

Thanks for the answer, but ive tried that, no luck… :confused:

What I would do at this point is installing latest build of windows 10 , May 2020 Update (2020). You probably tried to clean install latest nvidia drivers already? Did you try logging off xbox service if you’re on steam platform?

Sometimes Enhanced graphics pack used more than 16 gb of ram for me when I tried it on my Ryzen system. It had to use pagefile/swap because I don’t have more than 16gb ram and it slowed down and once crashed my entire system. I did not have any problems with clean install without Enhanced pack though. I would also suggest doing memtest for ram but it’s highly unlikely there is any fault there. I have to leave this to more capable hands if any of this doesn’t help.

I would try to uninstall and reinstall the game before messing around with your drivers.

Yeah i tried updated the drivers for nvidia. I will try doing a memtest, this is what my pagefile settings look like… Iv’e tried changing them, increasing the size etc.

Yeah tried that, on different drives aswell… :confused: Thanks for the feedback though