Benchmark score

Previous the latest update my benchmark score was 1300, now it is 1191 and sometimes 1200 with the same settings, during the benchmark the fps used to run above 60 fps and now it is running below 35, i haven’t played but i am afraid that the performance would be awful in 4x4 late game like bf, michi or even arena.

Has anyone noticed performance loss in game?

I asked few friends and they also got their bench scores lower so i am wondering how many users could be affected by the latest patch, specially those who barely got 1000 score in previous patches.

Yeah I used to be able to play more than 1v1, but a patch changed that (i got a score below 1000)

I can’t start the game since the latest update, but hopefully when that’s fixed I won’t drop below 900, that would mean I can’t play ranked at all…

If you already passed the benchmark test there is no real reason to do it again.

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Once in a while the game asks me to do it again, not very often, mind you, I’ve had to do it 3 or 4 times since I bought the game in 2020


Every single time you change some graphical settings like resolution or increase the details with some effects, the game ask you to perform de benchmark one more time or well everytime you change something, the same happens if you change your gpu.

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