Bengali granary in Rajendra 3 crashes the game when attacked

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Very low priority but when attacking a granary in the Bengali pirates base in Rajendra 3 the game crashes and deactivate all mods on restart.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Play the third scenario in the Rajendra campaign.
  2. Reach the Bengali player base.
  3. Attack the green granary in the island.

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Just attack the granary and eventually destroy it without crashing the game.

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Actually it might be clicking on the granary causing the crash rather than attacking it, not sure…


I think I found the cause:

It’s an issue with the Granary scenario object when EXTENDED UNIT STATS is on.

It happens if you select it, or if you hover your cursor over it while Rollover Info is also on.

I guess it’s caused by something like certain stats being undefined for this object, so the game crashes when it tries to show those stats?

I’ve had trouble with my Valdemar scenario crashing at certain points, and now I’ve realized that it’s all caused by this Granary+Extended unit stats combo, not by triggers or pathing as I thought. So thanks a lot for reporting it! :smiley:


I’m not entirely sure it’s the extended stats cause I don’t have problems with clicking on granaries in my own custom scenarios. Also I seem to remember that the granary in Rajendra 3 always caused the game to crash even years ago iirc.

Valdemar was a very unique and intricate scenario, have you other ones coming? I’m myself working on a new one. I don’t remember if you ever tried my stuff but definitely do if you have time cause I’d like to know your opinion!

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In what language do you play the game?

Italian. Do you think it’s somehow related?

I’m not entirely sure it’s the extended stats cause I don’t have problems with clicking on granaries in my own custom scenarios. Also I seem to remember that the granary in Rajendra 3 always caused the game to crash even years ago iirc.

I’m now 100% sure that it IS caused by the Granary + Extended Unit Stats combo, at least when I play (Extended Unit Stats came with the December update, it’s different from Extended Tooltips).
I’ve tested it today in Rajendra 3, a test scenario, Valdemar, and one of your scenarios (Constantinople 2). It’s the same everywhere.

The game crashes when selecting the Granary if Extented Unit Stats is on. It does not crash if it’s turned off.

I’m playing in English and using enhanced graphics pack, but I doubt that it makes a difference.

The Granary does look really strange in the Scenario Editor. It’s on the “Other” list, not on the Building list, just like flags etc. It seems to be the only “non gaia excusive” object on the “Other” list that can be selected and attacked. And its stats look crazy:
Granary Scenario Editor weird stats closeup

The exact value of the negative pierce armor (but not the other stats) is not the same for each player. I even found that it’s different between different versions of my Valdemar scenario (even with the same player number, age, and civ).
So it just seems to be a very strange and buggy object…

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I’m working on some related scenarios, but it will take several months before I’m ready to publish anything. I don’t have as much time for gaming and scenario design as I’d like, so I’m progressing slowly.
I haven’t played through your scenarios properly, but I did some “i r winner” cheating in Constantinople so I could look at the maps and slides :smiley: I like the frame story and really like the way the maps look. I will try to play it properly (without cheating) when I get the time :slight_smile:

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HD had some issues with Spanish diacritics, if I saved mod strings file in non utf-8 format (or if I saved in utf-8, I don’t remember). Could you try in English?

Yeah i noticed, it’s like an halfbreed between an eyecandy and a proper building? Anyway it’s doomed to be buggy I guess until they don’t clarify what it is and that’s very low priority for them I imagine.
Next time I click on a granary I’ll see if the game crashes with extend stats. Maybe I just missed it.

Yeah it’s very time consuming to make these campaigns, if you didn’t try you can’t really know ahah.
I published another full campaign after Constantinople called Dihya where you play as Berbers and a scenario about the battle of Adrianople in case you’re interested in some newer stuff.
Good luck with your next scenario in any case :muscle:

I really don’t know what you mean, sorry :sweat_smile: maybe you mean that the granary string for the name may be bugged in Italian? Italian anyway doesn’t use some strange symbols for letters aside from occasional è or é I guess… While maybe in Spanish you had things like this ¿

hey! >:(

Well, then I don’t know

I did some testing with objects a while back. ‘Granary’ is very bugged.

edit: I recommend avoid using it currently.

edit: It seems they may have fixed ‘Storage’. It no longer crashes. (fixed post.)

Ahah no offence, strange is good!

Well let’s hope they don’t ignore this post then and decide to fix it.


Can you check if setting using triggers to set the pierce armor to a defined value helps? Maybe you can compare which stats does the Extended stats show and use triggers to set all those values

This reminds me of a thing I coded in C many years ago

Could be interesting to see if that would prevent crashing. I won’t get time to test more the next days though.

For now the easiest workaround for scenario designers is probably just to remove Granaries from their maps until this is fixed.

Are you sure the Storage is also bugged though?
I haven’t noticed any bugs with that while I’ve used it as a decoration.
I hope to use it to train herdables in a future scenario.

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Hi @SamePorpoise303
We’re already tracking an issue when clicking Granary causing the game to crash
Thanks for the report!


(tests) Well, they may have fixed it. It used to crash like the Granary. Although, it did not crash this time so, they may have fixed it.

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