Bengali Wonder: why are the trees so small?

My wish is they make this 10x10 building an editor decor building. And make a new repurposed model that fits the aspect ratio as it should.


So what’s the opinion poll here?

  • Bengali Wonder aspect ratio needs to be corrected
  • Bengali Wonder half sized trees look fine.

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The other Indian wonders also need to be adjusted for scale. See the Gurjara wonder as well (the Somnath Temple). It is also way too small. At least give us editor versions which are scaled properly. And they should be appropriate for 4K UHD version of the game (I am using this) as well as regular version.


I decided to have a look at what this would look like.

The Gurjaras’ Wonder was clearly designed to be double size, and then scaled down. In fact, even at double the size, the trees on it look a bit small.

I’m not so sure about the Dravidians’ one. The trees look properly scaled at double size, but the surrounding walls and gate look oversized to me.

Plus it makes sense for the Gurjaras’ and Bengalis’ Wonders both to have been designed to be 10-by-10, since they were designed at the same time – but the Dravidians one is the old Indian one, so was designed much earlier. The tree shrinking seems to have occurred between HD and DE – on HD the trees on it looked short, but not undersized (though you can’t see their trunks, so it’s a bit hard to tell).

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What happened? What do you think is a good work around for the Dravidian one? It still seems abit small but may not need to be re-sized to be same scale as Gurjara/Bengali one perhaps?