Berber camel rider

I recently played a game. I lost a ton of ranged cavs to this Berber camel before I realised they counter both heavy and light cav.

Berber camel in my opinion should be a melee dragoon, which counters only heavy cav. But currently it counters ranged cav too despite being a light ranged cav themselves (they don’t have range but are tagged as ranged). It is the only anti light cav light cav. This is no longer a melee dragoon but rather a cav version of Halberdier. They do ok vs skirm too in melee. They are also extra good vs artillery than dragoon because of melee attack.

Berber camel countering both heavy and light cav is like urumi/JPK countering both heavy and light infantry

My suggestion is to change multiplier from 2x all cav to 2x heavy cav.


It’s fine unlike cheyenme riders they get hurt by archers and skirmishers.

They are quite vulnerable to skirmishers.

They have a all CAV multiplier because of that or else there would be no point in using them instead of ranged cavalry.

Javelin Riders are much more interesting units to have against heavy cavalry.

A non-issue. You were unaware of their multipliers so you didn’t kite as you should have and counter with skirms.

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Its a bit confusing but they are tagged as light cav, not heavy cav.

Shoot them with skirms and they drop

Berber Camel is just OP. This Unit breaks the counter system in more of one aspect

ofc you can deal with Skirms, but its not really Cost effective because the Base Damage is just to good and also the Berber Settlement in general should be nerfed asap.

Hardly, Every civ has X-bows and skirms so they die easy.
and camel riders have a small unit count, I mostly go berbers for the nomads.

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