Berber team roles and tech

So, the Berbers already supply Genitors to their team, but once they get their Kasbah tech, they also allow team castles to have 25% increased build speed.

This stacks on top of the Turk gunpowder training speed, and it makes everyone want Berbers as allies and all gunpowder civs love having Berbers and Turks stacked as allies.

So, here is a question. Would swapping the team coverage of maghrebi camels and Kasbah be good or bad in your opinion? What this means is that Kasbah now would only affect the Berber castles, and Maghrebi camels would affect the entire team. On 1v2 matchups, this change would not affect Berbers at all.

In team games, berbers teams would be majorly nerfed so long as their allies were not building camels. If the allies were Indians with their imperial camels, or Saracens with mamelukes, the Berbers maghrebi camel buff would synergize very well with those civs.

So it comes down to your opinion. Are Berbers overrepresented in team games? Would this change be sufficient to change that representation? And would it be a good change? Discuss?

No, they aren’t. They are good only for heavy castle age play and fall down in imp.

It’s a useless change: almost no one goes camels as pocket


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Berbers aren’t even that great of a team game civilization. Camels are rarely used and cav archers aren’t even seen much so their unique unit loses out there as well. Their cavalry, while cheap, is completely generic and doesn’t have paladin either.

Berbers have a sub 2% playrate in team games

Camel civs are hard to play, as Camels are not as good against other generic unit as the Knight-line. On the other hand, most of the times you can gamble the fact that the enemy pockets will be knight civs, so you can pick a Camel civ specifically to counter.

Swapping the effects coverage of Kasbah and Magherbi Camels would mean Berbers would lose one of the best things they currently supply into team games. Kasbah is really helpful in team games. The Camel thing would be useless as a team bonus, because you almost never want more than 1 Camel civ into a team.

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just randomly, how fast do obuchs train with kasbah and conscription? :rofl:

5,4 seconds if multiplicative. Impressive indeed.