Berries!? 🤔 🫐 🍓

I’m sorry for the foul vocabulary… but WTF is this ???

Does anyone have any idea what this means or why it means if it’s an easter egg or a sign of something?
Did a quick search on berries, and I found something interesting, and a country really caught my attention.
first of all let’s go to definition of berries. “Under the name of wild barries, wild fruits or red fruits, a group of black or red fruits are grouped, for the most part arranged in berries.”
Cranberry, cranberry, blueberry or cranberry ########## #################### Black currant or gooseberry (Ribes migrum);
Cherry (Prunus cerasus, Prunus avium);
Strawberry (Fragaria virginiana);
Raspberry (Rubus idaeus);
Gooseberry (Ribes sativum and Ribes grossularia);
Blackberry (Rubus fruticosus);
Blackberry (Rubus loganbaccus);
Bilberry or Bilberry (Vaccinium).
of the fruits I listed above, Poland is one of the biggest producers of 3 of them.
11th biggest cherry producer.
4th biggest raspberry producer.
7th biggest strawberry producer


2nd Torp civ my bet… Denmark?

That or hyping the Finland Revolt which is really strong


I take it you 2 haven’t played aoe3 too much, right?


Bonjour, grosso modo c’est simplement que la construction du Torp inclus ## ####### ## #### que votre bâtiment récolte automatiquement jusqu’à épuisement, étais cela que vous vouliez savoir ? :slight_smile:

Berries go hand-in-hand with the rise of civilisations and therefore have always had a place in all Age of Empire iterations. Age of Empires would be dead if man did not utilise the power of berry bushes.


Je viens de voir sur steam, j’ai donc répondu totalement à coté :rofl:

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Black humor from the developers with a new civ? Otherwise, what is he doing in the Steam news?


no bro, check your MS store or your steam
twitter too
intragem too

this is not normal


very strange. I wonder what they are trying to tell us.


Sweden is a Scandinavia civ. The posts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter define berries with a strawberry emoji. The strawberry is the national fruit of Denmark, which is also a Scandinavian country. A reference to Denmark was also found in the last PUP. So… Denmark DLC confirmed?


I think the Easter egg has been there for a long time? But posting it on all the social media has to mean something big. If strawberries are big in Denmark it’s probably a reference to Denmark being added as a civ [and I did a quick Internet search which confirmed what was already stated, Strawberries are the national fruit of Denmark].

Since a “rev” flag was found for both Denmark and Poland it could mean if strawberries do confirm Denmark and than Denmark confirms Poland


The post to Twitter says #TriviaTuesdays. Does anyone know if that has been an ongoing thing?

Afaik that’s the first time the Age team does this

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Ahh i see what you mean now. Sorry, my bad xD. I thought you were referring to the ingame tooltip. That’s was there since the original release.

Yeah, this is highly unusual.

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the berries have said that since 2005, im not sure what y’all are on about

The unusual part here is how the AoE team have posted that image/message to not only the social media accounts, but also to the news feed on Steam. The past posts on Steam have been about updates or new DLCs.

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It’s interesting, maybe the developers plan to make Sweden revolutionize like Denmark or maybe they plan to add Norwegians?

I wonder, what civilization will they add? because I don’t think they add more than one.

  • Norway.
  • Poland Lithuania.
  • Denmark.
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Clarification: until now the DLCs respected a regular pattern of a single civilization and then two civilizations as a package, in theory now it would be an individual civilization, so what could it be?

egypt, Denmark. greeks is possible but unlikely


The developers certainly don’t just post a trivia fact on all sorts of social media channels, there’s more to it than that. Coupled with the fact that the “marketing” branch reappeared in the Steam DB a few weeks ago, I think a DLC is not too unlikely.