Berserker attack increases temporarily the longer they fight

Would better fit the theme of berserker


They could have a bonus attack depending how low is their HP.
Like 66% +1 attack, 33% +2 attack
When they recover HP the attack comes back to normal.


This is actually a good idea. I would say, every 2 attacks will increase their attack by 1, max 4 stacks. every 5 seconds they are out of combat, they lose 1 stack.

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I gotta say both are good ideas.

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I don’t really see it. The main characteristics attributed to Berserkers were a battle rage that made them deadly fighters (which I assume this suggestion is based on), and an apparent immunity to steel weapons and fire (which is what their current regeneration ability is based on).

I assume the suggestion is intended to reflect the first attribute, but AFAIK there’s no indication that Berserkergang was progressive and became more intense with longer fights. On the contrary, they apparently began fights at 200%, but when their rage-induced stamina finally subsided, they were weaker and more torpid than a normal man. So it really seems like a stretch to swap their current ability for this.

It’s kind of an interesting mechanic of course, but I think this would be more fitting on a new unit, and could be intended as a promotion mechanic, battle fury (like IRL “Furor Celtica” or Furor Teutonicus), or belief in acquiring the power or essence of a conquered enemy. It’s a big world, and the Vikings weren’t the only ones to have “discovered” some form of battle rage.

My guess is that the trope of Berserkers “becoming stronger the longer they fight” comes from some relatively modern fantasy setting or a conflation of the Berserkergang with a gradually increasing bloodlust.


Celtic rage obviously makes your siege contraptions healthier… thats the most obvi bonus ever…. DUUUHHH!!’

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Talking about Furor Celtica, shouldn’t it be Furor Celticum?