Berserks vs Samurai

Which looks cooler Berserks or Samurai?
  • Samurai
  • Berserk

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Two-handed Swordsman

The Champion is way cooler than 2HS and the Samurai is cooler than both.

YMMV, but I find the checkerboard -style champ armor to be too reminiscent of jesters.

Because only clowns would make them.

Teutonic knights /20chardumblimit

Condos beat both 11…

Champions may look funny but they are very effective against many different units and I always make tons of them in high population limit games. Go Champs! :partying_face:

I like infantry a lot but I am still not a fan of the berserk. The only infantry unit that wields an axe that I think looks cool is the Throwing Axemen.