Best 1v1 Rush civ?

Who is the best 1v1 rush civ? Attack early etcetera.

Lithuanians can pull that 2 min (?) militia rush.

So, I guess we have a good candidate

Goths and Aztecs comes to mind as drushing

I think you need to define ‘best 1v1 rush civ’ better. Just saying ‘Attack early’ isnt really enough.

If you want the quickest attack, then it is the 3 minute drush of Lithuania. No other civ can really match that speed.

If you mean what civ can feudal the quickest for feudal aggression, i will put my money on Mongols. They can do some 16-17 pop scout rushes, if you have lots of hunt.

To me Mayans for Archer rush (maybe Eagle too) and Magyars for Scout rush. If you are really love Man at Arms much, there is a Celts but pray god for non-micro-nerd opponent.

I forgot mention Incas for tower rush (poor Koreans) and Persians for TC drop.

there isn’t 1 best early rush civ out of 35 civs.

depends what you want.

you can go lithunian 3 minute drush which is kind of suicidal if you don’t know how to continue ur eco after that.

You can go pre-mill drush with a lot of civs (making the Barracks before the mill first, and adding 3 militia) - a lot of civs are good at this

You can go super fast scouts, anywhere from 15 to 18 pop, with civs like Khmer, Mongols, Lithuanians

You could go fast 20 pop man at arms (later into archers) with something like Japanese

You can also do the regular drush which hits a bit slower but good for ur eco, check out a build order for that.


Aztecs, Incas, Celts, Mayans, Franks, Huns, Britons.

How can they do that?

Because they start with +150 food, which can be used to drush very fast but you need to know that strategy

SOTL made a video on that.

I don’t really remember the BO

You can also watch other streamers. Hera, Spirit of the law, … all have vids about this strat at YouTube.

You wont start with 2 house, but house + barrack. You have the food for militia because +150 food as civ bonus.


I think that the Bulgarians deserve an honorable mention here with their free m@a upgrade, which saves a lot of food for even more infantry as soon as you hit Feudal age!
I am telling you - the only thing better than initiating a four m@a skirmish is doing a 6 m@a rush :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords: :crossed_swords:

Better if you have a slav ally (the barrack provided pop space) and a vietnamese ally (he can say the enemy starter position)

I need to give this a try!

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What about bulgarians in November? Free MaA, cheaper and faster blacksmith upgrades

Lack of eco bonus allows opponent to respond with Archers.

.They will save 75 food from forging and 50 from the armor upgrade and their blacksmith works even faster. This mean that, even with a standar build order, the moment they attack you with maa they surely have these 2 upgrades, doing enough damage before archers enter into scene

Talking about archers, korean archer rush might be scary now.

Is it already in play?

No, it was leaked.

Okay thanks Pal. :smiley: I think its a good thing.