Best booming civ

Curious to see what the best booming civ is according to people. I’ve also included some civs that probably won’t make the top of the list just for completeness’ sake. I’ve included Britons but not Bulgarians because I think Wood is a harder bottleneck for spamming TCs early Castle Age than Stone is.

  • Burgundians
  • Slavs
  • Poles
  • Khmer
  • Vikings
  • Britons
  • Persians
  • Teutons
  • Indians

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Indians. Discounted villagers without the need of anything else is pretty strong for booming


good spot. Not the best to correct a poll a posteriori, nevertheless I did that.

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I would add Sicilians to the poll. TCs being built 100% faster along with the extra starting stone synergizes with First Crusade’s five-Town Center requirement, so booming is almost natural for 'em.

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There isn’t any general best booming civ, it depends on the scenario. If you boom to 200 vils Indians is the best civ by far (although nobody does that ofc). If you played feudal age on open maps with some military and you continue making military in castle age while booming vikings is probably the best (poles are also a contender here). If you go for the fastest possible pure boom on closed maps khmer is probably the best (Cumans is also good but your advantage is mostly temporary, same for malay).

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I don’t think extra Stone, and faster building TCs are relevant enough bonuses, sorry. Faster building TC is maybe overall like 2-3 extra vills worth of less idle time, at that point Persians is probably better. If I had to include civs like Sicilians as booming civs, only because you get some wood savings at around min 30 compared to a generic civ, then I would have to include Bulgarians, Franks (Berry + Farm techs), Burmese… basically every civ that has an eco bonus would be a candidate at that point but I rly don’t think that those that have a “minor” eco bonus like Lithuanians, Bulgarians, etc. are good candidates even though yes, Bulgarians is still better than something like Byzantines in a pure booming scenario.

First Crusade is a military tech, and I’m not assuming any particular unit composition here, that (in theory) comes after the boom.

Good answer. I forgot Cumans tbh but I don’t feel like adding them because the poll resets every time I modify it and I still think that Cumans can’t be top 5 or so (for the reason that you rarely see them on Arena-like maps).


Well you do see them quite often on arena but usually people stay on 2 tcs and then go fast imp or so. If you add more tcs in castle age a lot civs will be able to catch up so its fine they aren’t in there.

What I honestly forgot is burgundians. They might be a top contender for a lot of scenarios.

I can agree in principle, but if we wanna deviate a bit from the theory and add practice, I think Cumans have no good follow up in Imp. No Siege Engineers, no Bombard Cannon, no Bracer, only generic Paladins that aren’t even coming out fast like Burgundians ones.

I like all of these, but Burgundians, Poles, Khmer, and Indians above the others.

Yes that’s why people go fast imp and push with kipchaks and trebs instead of continuing booming in castle age. But strictly speaking that doesn’t make their boom worse.

Malay (20 characters)

Indians are the best civs for booming but that doesn’t mean they have the best eco civs since you need to spam TC’s in order to get the maximize its effectiveness while other civs can also use their superior eco to invest heavily into army. I don’t get why Persians are highly rated their faster TCs are good, but you still have to afford the villagers and it is hard to justify 3 TC at right away. They are good on hybrid maps. But compared to Britons who have a comparable DA bonus and can easily spam extra Tc’s allowing out pacing the Persians bonus I fail to see how they are a top booming civ on the same level as Teutons or Khmer.

Two tc’s in fuedal is amazing if you can get away with it but they have no eco bonus in castle age. And less your opponent decided to sit back and boom you are likely to be in no position to build additional TC’s.

A while ago someone did some calculations on this and here is his result:


In the post before the linked one and the next ones he explains his approach for this calculation.

Another take on this topic from spirit of the law:

This is a scenario dependent question, as Dave has noted, but off of sheer versatility the Britons take the cake. It is not because they are the best boomer on any given map (Well, Ghost Lake), or that they have the best exploitation of their booms, but rather that they can play well anywhere with their boom bonuses.

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From the top booming civs the ones that need a nerf are the Britons
The rest are fine IMO

Indians? Chinese? Vikings?

Besides that I just saw that 5 of the 12 Top Booming civs are DE Civs. Only Bulgarians, Bohemians and Lith didn’t got in the top third.

Seems like FE has a favor for strong booming bonusses :D.


Surprised to see only 5% voted Britons, as they can squeeze out more vils faster than most of these civs with standard settings, top 3 booming civ for sure. Depends on what people think of as booming I guess? if they’re thinking what civs are more strategically advantageous to boom with or what civs booms the fastest. Personally I’ve managed 100 vils in 23:30 with Britons, don’t know if I could manage that with any other civ here with the exception of maybe Khmer.

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Bruh. There’s a lot of civs that aren’t on the list which can boom well.

Overall best boomers are Aztecs, Mayans, Slavs, Britons, Teutons, Vikings, Indians, Burgundians, Sicilians

It depends on the map.

I’m sure Italians can boom on water maps especially if there’s trade.

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Sicilians can boom well? Because you get wood savings from not needing to re-seed farms at around 35 min mark?