Best Civ against the AI?

What’s the best Civilization to play against the AI on maps like Arabia?
I’m trying Empire Wars.

For empire wars? Probably a Civ that peaks in castle age.

My pick would be the Mayans.

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Teutons are a great civ against the ai since the ai can be pretty bad at fighting castles, but I haven’t tried much empire wars

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Thanks for the feedback. I will try Mayans and Teutons. So far I had been trying Vietnamese, because after surviving Castle Age (with 2 castles), the AI gets overwhelmed by Imperial Skirmishers + Cavalry to snipe siege.

The best civ will always be the civ you enjoy playing the most.


I had best results with Cumans due to 2 TC boom in Feudal. AI tends to attack the furthermost buildings (aka the ones closest to its TCs and fartherst from yours) so I build a bunch of houses up ahead to give them something to destroy as I boom in the back. It’s extremely important to boom in Feudal so that the moment you advance to Castle you can spam knights and rams. I also tend to scout rush in Feudal and get as many vills as possible from the AI as it’s wasting time on my houses. This strat has so far worked 100% of the time with me.

Also please note that the AI will attack with knights of its own the moment it advances to Castle so destroying their stables as early as possible is a huge advantage.

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Any ranged unit will make camping easier, mangudai? :grin:

@SpecificElk9218 Bulgarians! 11

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No experience with empire wars. I think it will make the AI stronger. You cant just rush him before he hits feudal age anymore.

Still i think he wont react to quick harrasments very well. So i would go for some mobile civ. You want to hit the AI at different fronts and just rotate.

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PS. Sorry for the Bump, but I found my answer.

The best civ against the AI in Empire Wars are Lithuanians. You can make it into Imperial Age with a triple Castle center + walls at the sides. You should also collect at least 4 Relics sneaking with planning mode, and then spam FU Leitis non-stop (Paladins cost too much gold, and you need the wood of the Stables for Farming + Universities, etc.). If the AI uses a civ like Chinese, you can spam ultra powerful Skirmishers.

It all makes sense, you even get Fully-Upgraded Castles, Hussars, and Fortified Walls. I have never made a Hussar though, the AI never makes it that far :slight_smile: