Best civ for low apm/bad micro players

Was thinking recently what the best civ for players that can’t pull of skirm goons micro because there micro isn’t good enough and get just catches off guard by meele cav or your skirm get hip by cannons and you don’t use your skirms range advantage over musks too well.

Musketeer is a good all around unit, that is bad micro forgiving.
Hussar like paladins have the tendency of running into heavy Infatry masses and get killed when not being watched.

But how about Spanish lancers. It thsi the gold grail unit for players that just pump and dump their attack moved army without even looking?

Or is it after all French gendarm? What do other players with bad micro play?

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Just play Japan. Its braindead easy. I played 6 out of 10 placement matches as Japan and I won all of them. It was clear I was playing against opponents who were better than me in some of those games. I realized this while playing. They had better micro, they had to use much more APM for herding, they had their build orders practiced many times.

But in the end it didn’t matter, because I was playing Japan. Japan forces the other player to go out on the map and destroy shrines. If you don’t do this, you are going to lose. This is very taxing. And it can cause you to lose without realising it.

Ontop of this, Ashigaru are overpowered because they are too fast. 4.50 speed allows any Japan player to punish other players because their musketeers are faster. If you see 5 Musketeers attacking your shrines, send 10 Ashigaru and you will kill every single Musketeer. There is nothing your opponent can do other than sending an even bigger army. So you just send your army elsewhere. But spoiler alert, your army is faster. So you just outmaneuvered your opponent.

Japanese player are also extremely hard to punish. They can overextended with their Ashigaru and often times it does not matter, because Ashigaru can just run away form Skirmishers. The only thing thats faster is Cavalry, but they counter Cavalry.

Japan is an easy civ because of its design. The macro is also stupidly easy. If you do not macro properly, just click 1 button and have your shrines produce something else.

Japan also has an incredibly high skill ceiling. Once you hit Age 3 you can toggle your Golden Pavillion to give your units even more speed. This makes Ashigaru absolutely broken as they can outrun almost anything. You can raid with them, you can outmaneuver almost any army. And if you are a good player, just toggle the Pavillon to speed bonus or combat bonus whenever a fight is happening.

I have suggested to the devs to nerf Ashigaru to 4.25 speed so many times. But they will not listen. As long as Ashigaru speed stays at 4.50 speed, Japan will forever stay an easy civ, having the easiest micro and macro out of all civs, while still being very powerful with all around strong units and ugprades.


Playing Japan is pretty easy. Don’t fall into the trap of using samurai, just use Ashigaru and Yumi. Japan’s weaknesses are not easily exploited by low skill level players and it’s easy to play to their strengths. Just don’t fall into the trap of using Samurai except in very niche scenarios

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Apart from Japan, you could go with Ottoman.

They have auto economy, their begining is always the same no matter the strat, (One TP, Mosque chop 50w for a house)
Jans are kinda impervious to most age II counters like xbows.
Mix some abus and you have a little skirm mass that is resistant to skirms.

The only unit i know that works like that is Peruvian Legion (which, in mass, is really strong and can counter everything without watching)

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I don’t really understand what you are asking for. If a player is really bad at microing his army, he/she is probably someone who is learning the game and he will play against people who are as good as him/her because of the matchmaking system. When he will improve, he will be better at microing his army and better in macro and with a sharper build order. For a beginner player, french is probably one of the most easy civ, because of the nice economy, stronger villager and versatile units.

If you are talking about a player with a very bad micro but a good overall macro (I don’t know if a lot of player apply to this description, if you are at bad at microoing you will have a sloppy start/build order), what you are looking at are civs that have a great scaling and with a relatively passive gameplay. Japenese is a good, as already suggested. Fast musk and strong cavalery is relatively easy to use. But honestly, skirm/dragoon is relatively easy to micro… If you loose, it’s probably because the macro is not as great at it should be. In fact, I think that skirmisher/dragoon is much easy to micro compared to something like musk/hussard, because you have bigger range.

You won’t win this game by spamming one unit, however, because the counter system is much less forgiving that in AoE2. The exception was french gendarme late game, but most of the time you won’t be able to go to imperial with an economy to support this spam. And it was nerfed.

You just have to work on your micro, that’s all. Or play against player with similar skill, and have fun.

I don’t recommend cav-heavy civs if you have bad micro, because to use cav effectively you need to split your cav into many groups so that they don’t get stuck on each other trying to melee the enemy.

Any civ where you can go musketeer + cannon is probably the easiest micro wise. So Ottoman, British, Sweden, Japan are good.

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Probably any civ that has a big eco and can spam one or two units all game, so Brit japan pretty much

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Timings in this game are pretty generous. A dragoon/skirmisher has a 3 seconds attack time, so it is pretty forgiving with micro.

I always thought Japanese is on a higher difficulty. Never tried matchmaking though but with this info I might. 11

I agree with the above post that macro is at least as important as micro, but it is also possible to be better at one over the other. You can plan an excellent build order that does 90% of what the pros do in 50% of the mouseclicks, out-eco and out-mass your opponent at every point in the game, and still throw away your superior army or lose a bunch of vils due to poor reaction speed. Here’s what I do to minimise this (sorry if you know all of this already):

First things first, the thing that has helped me with micro more than any individual civ is a gaming mouse, if you don’t already have one. A big part of micro is using hotkeys effectively, and I have always struggled with using more than a couple hotkeys on the keyboard (still do.) However, 3-4 extra thumb buttons are a lot easier to use reliably.

When it comes to those hotkeys, there are 4 that I swear by: Attack move, select all infantry, select all cavalry, and select all artillery. Attack move, at the very least, is something you should get in the habit of using: it makes all of your selected units go to the chosen location, automatically attacking any units in between. It tends to work a lot more efficiently than just right-ckicking an enemy unit, and letting your army do it’s thing. The other 3 hotkeys are my replacements for control groups. They are somewhat less flexible, but I just can’t be bothered to constantly be forming and reforming groups as I train and lose units. They allow me to control infantry and cavalry far more independently and responsively than just double clicking my units. Certain compositions don’t work very well with them though, like archer/pikemen.

Lastly, I think that most euro civs will work for you, since they mostly have good economies and musketeers, which are probably the best unit to spam (although you should definitely be training more than them). My personal favorite is the Russians. They have a much better economy than most people realize, and one nice thing about their vils training in blocks is that it’s a lot harder to accidentally have TC idle time. Also, you can lump strelets and musketeers into one big lump of infantry, and they work really well together. Add in some cossacks, and you’ve got an A+ unit composition that is really easy to manage.


Thanks for the tips, every since I. Don’t have a proper place ofe my laptop and just game on the sofa (be suss my work pc took over my desk.
Thanks to home office…) my micro has been gradually gone downhill somehow.

I will definitely look into those hotkey you mentioned!