Best Civ On Nomad?

Who do you think are the best civ on Nomad? Apart from Chinese (at least before the update that fixed that) it’s blatantly obvious they are the best with 6 villagers start.

Best civ 1v1 nomad?

Best 4 player civs team nomad in 4v4 game?

Persian or Malian. You can go for a dock and already train your first fishing ship before you get up your TC.

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indians also really strong since you can drop shore fish on a dock. japanese with fishing bonus. i think chinese are quite bottom tier now since you will have a bit of idle tc in most cases and very delayed fish production.

spanish with faster building tc also are among the better civs.

Lithuania might be good too. You start with more food, so you can gather wood first and also dock earlier then most civs.

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I always loved vietnamese scouting bonus in nomad multiplayer.