Best civ to turtle or team support?

Hi, in your opinion, what is the best support civilization in team matches and what is the best civilization to make turtle in AOE3?


  • Malta: Fixed guns, sentinels, depots, commanderies, strong culvs…

  • Italy: free towers FI, lombards

  • Spain: towers/fort FI soldados haciendas

  • Dutch: banks

  • Aztecs: comunity plaza spam warriors, nobles hut, srrow knights…

  • Hausa: many buildings, griots…

  • EEUU: gatlings/tower spam

  • Lakota: yep, tipis!

  • Japan: def/boom

  • Portugal: tc’s

  • Mexico: turtle rev

Before in 2008 I believed Haud/Iroquese are turtle civ.

what do you mean with that?

I don’t know what is the best, but for me:

  • For turtling, Dutch are always a solid choice design wise, as the banks give a lot of resources even when the opponent idles your economy, and do not requires you to expand on the map for gold mines (gold mines are way more efficient than estates)
  • For suoport, German should be a solid choice, since a card allow you to train up to 20 settlers wagons (it us like 40 settlers), so you can have a strong economy to sling your teamates. And they have some decent canons, heavy cavalry, light cavalry, and light infantry, to complement whatever your teammates’ civs are lacking.

Malta & Italy are the most turtleish, with free buildings and the other high upgrade on towers and fixed cannons.