Best counter to aztecs/mayans on gold pit/arabia (aka eagles)

Wondering what the best faction / unit counter is to aztecs on these aggressive maps…

Sword line is nice and all, but (like pikes are to cav) eagles just run around them and raid somewhere else, and camels dont do the same job as they would to cav…

Huns seems like a solid choice.

I’m actually having trouble winning with Aztecs. What does the Aztec player do that gives you trouble?

Great eco, solid military production. Great monks. Aztecs are a top tier civ


Teutons might be an answer as long as keeping up with Aztecs eco.

  • Conversation bonus for monks
  • TK’s and HC’s for infantry
  • Knight line with extra melee arm for Eagles

mbl said that too… Aztec Arbs are meh…

im generally not impressed with HC, they seem to need to be massed before they can actually counter anything, and then eagles can close the gap quickly lessening their effect, TK’s imo are still just a meme unit that can be avoided.

the biggest issue with aztecs, as mat alluded to is aztec aggression… HC need imperial age, and chemistry and then need to be massed, aztecs would never give me the chance to get there…

yeah this might work

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yeah just fast eco + faster production, so able to pump out bows/skirms/eagles as needed better than any non s tier faction… aztec eco is crazy

i think what also helps is that mesos only have 2 lines to tech… infantry and archers… other races might need to tech 3 lines dependign on what the opponent trains and then counters your counters with

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Yeah completely agree good luck with that accuracy and firing rate. But it’s still an option some civs don’t have. Same as Bombard Towers.

This is why i used “as long as keeping up with Aztecs economy” part at the first place. And nothing wrong with defensive play for beginning. Teutons can do both defensive and offensive play with civ bonuses imo.

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yeah thats a tough one, how does a faction with minor eco buffs keep up? i guess its a matter of booming and walling well enough if they rush

it just feels like its so much easier winning with them, then say ethiopians, if there was a trash counter to eagles it would at least help…

but ill definitely try teutons against them…


Celts, great eco bonus, faster moving infantry for keep up better keep up with eagles, great siege for pushing the middle or the enemy base.
Also vikings, britons, slavs, any civ with a good eco and champions.

Maybe Byzantines, because of Cataphracts. But I don’t know when to make them. As in should there be an early Castle drop for early Cataphracts? Or should Byzantines take advantage of their defensive bonuses to first expand the economy? Either way, with Aztecs having the far stronger economy bonus, you’re probably better off winning the military race instead of the economy race by using Cataphracts to hunt Eagles before Villagers. And the Byzantines have cheap Skirmishers for Arbalester, and Elite Cataphracts + Logistica for Siege Onager/Ram + Halberdiers.