Best Eco Civ

Whats the best booming eco civ in this game?

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I’d say the Abassid, as they can quickly react to feudal cav aggro and can get an extra TC on top of the enemy’s count. So if Chinese go fast TC Abbassid can get 3 TCs.

Probably Abassid and their half price villiagers. You can basically keep building TCs to your hearts content.

Early game it’s definitely the HRE, also if you build the Aachen chapel and surround it with farms, you can blow everyone else’s food production out the water. Less workers on farms means more workers elsewhere.

Screenshot shows one of the most optimized builds for this.


It’s mangols , their trade income is broken , u don’t even need second tc .

Hi BatoNoVenO,

How exactly do Abassids get an extra towncenter?

That seems a bit easy to raid though.

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Abassid Eco Wing, first tech makes Villager 50% Cheaper. Can either boom greatly with it, or go 2nd TC without delaying castle Age at all. Or allows you army + feudal push while also still not really delaying castle age. Second t ech gives +15% return on farms. Last tech +8% resource drop off on all resources.

Abassid Culture Wing, first tech makes all Techs 30% Cheaper - also not to underestimate.

Abassid Trade Wing, first tech gives you 35% more gold return on traders, last tech gives secondary resource.

Abassid great, just lots of decision making what to do first in what situation.

Edit: Plus the small but nice fact that you dont have to pull Vills to build landmarks.


Completely agree. My favorite faction.

However, I do have the idea that they are excellent at countering Mongols, while having serious issues countering English. Not sure if I can draw this conclusion after about 10 matches though…

I wonder if this is an advantage or disadvantage. The English have some incredible landmarks. 2nd age: Longbow production building. 3rd age: a castle or a towncenter.
Abassids landmarks are basically simply unlocking certain upgrades while all contained into one single building.

Many people will say Abbasid due to their cheaper villagers and 20% gather rate bonus + 8% multiplicative gather rate bonus in Age 4.

However the HRE is the strongest economy civ since Prelates buff gather rate and gather capacity by 50% in Age 3 and 40% before this. Assuming a 120 pop economy, the HRE can increase this by 50%. A few of these pops will be prelates, but this doesn’t change much.

But ontop of this, the Regnitz cathedral adds another 900 coin per minute without any population space from 3 relics. This makes the HRE the strongest economic civ in the game and also the most population efficient economic civ.

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Yeah, u got a point there with the Landmarks Boni, but i also forgot the Golden Ages.

That also Boosts massively:


Tier 1 kicks in early feudal. Tier 2 most of the time somewhat Mid-Castle.
Tier 3 is way harder to achieve, needs some housespamming in Imp to get there if you have the wood laying around.

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U can’t boom with 50% cheaper vill alone , u need extra tc , it’s 50% cheaper vill not 100% faster training vill . France has 10/15/20/30 % faster train vill , they have better boom then abs in bosth single or double tc case … also they have strong trade bonus , with boost their late game eco better than abs . Abs is not a strong eco civ in compare to other .

Also special mention if u go imperial with china , they have graneary that boost 15% food and IT stacks , u have have 60% food gathering bonus by stacking them

True. I usually try to put all my houses around the building. The game really rewards you for building this typical Arab city. Houses with narrow streets in between. I also love the funny Arabic voices.

Mangols trade economy beat every other economy , u will have so much gold , that u can buy everything else with just gold .

2 TCs. Cute.

You can go 4 TCs with Abassid and pump out vills at the cost of 2 TCs. Trust me, you can boom rather nasty.

Going 4tc , lmao , u will be destroyed by opponent. before u get 1200 stone .

Even for abs u can’t get tc at cheaper cost , 4tc cost twice then 2 tc .

France has better vill production than abs , with fast training vill , a fast vill is much better than cheaper vill .

Best eco civ is mangols , then hre , then france . Abs is somewhere in middle .

Takling clearly just eco here.

50% less food cost, means until i have those 4 TC i only need 50% of vills on food to continue production. Thats more vills on Stone and more vills on Wood.

Of course if it is viable in a 1v1 is a complete different question and you will obviously most likely be stomped as soon as ur opponent sees what u are doing.

I am just talking about what theoratically would be possible.

If we are talking theoritically , then abs might win vs other civ with going all tc , like 6-7 , till 200 vill

Its an optimized build example: 4 mills on the corners with farms. Obviously if it was in a real intense game, you would put it in your backline with towers and walls. Any clustered farmland will be subjected to raids. Aachen Chapel is more of a 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4 landmark.


Look at the tournament games , they easily proof france can easily out boom HRE or ABS or china .

Best two civ to boom is france and mangols right now .

Been using the French. I love them. Still suck and dont get why people say they are OP but im liking them.