Best Gundpowder Civ

  • Bohemians
  • Spanish
  • Turks
  • Portuguese
  • Another (Tell me in comments)

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You should have added Burgundians (+25% attack on all gunpowder units) and Italians (20% cheaper gunpowder units (as well as a cheaper Chemistry and Elite Cannon Galleon research, and it being more affordable to click up to Imp earlier and get a tech advantage)).


Turks, no contest.
Jannies in age 3 with 8 range, BBT with 13 range, free chemistry for insta BBC, and then the extra HP and faster producing.


1-Turks: free chemistry; extra range on bbc, cg and bbt; jany.
2-Italians: cheap gunpowder.
3-bohemians: hand cannons faster and available in castle age, good UU.
4-Spanish: conqs one of the best units in the game, faster attack and best cannon galleons.
5-Portuguese: ballistics on gunpowder; gold discount.
6-Burgundians: +25% attack.


Agreed and for completeness sake I’d also add Indian ones with their extra range from the Shatagni unique technology (not that I’d vote for them, but best to have all options with bonuses available in the poll). :slight_smile:


im going to make a remastered one, vote on it

I wish if Indians had another bonus for gunpowder, to reflect the Mughal Empire

The +1 Range makes them weaker, since they’re less accurate at this distance.

I think +1 range makes them better against scorpion and onagers, which have large hit box.

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Burgundians. 100%. I really don’t like the fact that i need to write 20 characters for this man fr no cap on God, that’s a yikes from me chief.

Turks might have the best gunpowder compositions, but I certainly win more often with the Spanish then the others. Conqs are just spectacular for mid castle age pressure.

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+1 range makes them erase xbows eskirms also +1 range with ZERO frame delay makes them beat eskirms adn arbalest when they are elite :wink: