Best gunpowder civilization?

By best, I mean most powerful. Turks, Spanish, Hindustanis, Italians, Portuguese, or Burgundians?

Can Burgundians be considered gunpowder civilization too, since they have 25% attack?

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Hindustani hc are a league above everyone else. Only civ yo u can go for them generally, not just against infantry.

Imho Turks.
They have free chemistry, faster training and more hp.
And that’s free. Others have nice bonuses but not that much without paying.
Plus Janissaries have 8 range in castle age. Which is huge.


I would consider Spanish, Itslians, Portuguese, Bohemians, Turcs, Burgundians, Hindustanis as gunpowder civs.

What do you mean by most powerful ?

  • Most powerful civ in general (gunpowder independent) ? I would say Portuguese
  • civ with the best gunpowder options ? I would say Spanish because the Conquistadors have a great utility that is hard to match
  • civs with the most powerful deathball composition centered around a gunpowder unit ? I would say Bohemians Wagon, it sucks in general but if you manage to mass produce it becomes deadly along with bbcs
  • civ which has the most viable tech switch to gunpowder ? I would say Turcs (Bohemians/Portuguese/Italians rather stay on the xbow line)

If I had to somehow make an average of these use cases, I would probaly say Turcs.

I think it’s still Turks. The free chemistry, HP bonus, and Artillery synergize super well and allow you to get there faster than other civs can. After them I’d say it’s Bohemians, Houfnice alone are super strong, and Wagenberg Tactics makes it so much easier to run from bad fights with your Houfnice and HC. Plus, having strong Halbs helps protect your Houfnice so much more.

When you say best gunpowder civilization, are you considering the civ overall or just the best civ for doing gunpowder units?
Portugese and Burgundians are the best civs overall in this list. Turks and Spanish are best civs to produce gunpowder units.

Before the Organ gun nerf Portuguese were a top contender, now they are not even part of the conversation.

The civ is still great in general, just not the best for gunpowder. It could have been considered on par with Turks only because of the closed map uu abuse. That was too much and good that it got changed.

I hope janissary are next on the chopping board of op castle age Arena uu

But they don’t have anything else to offer in terms of gunpowder. All they have are largely generic BBCs and HCs with extra range and armor. They don’t have anything to help them get started early, so until the Imperial Age, they have no gunpowder options at all.

The Turks are definitely way better, and so are the Spanish, especially with their new bonus.

It depends by the settings, but I believe that overall the best gunpowder civ is the Italians overall, mostly because of their cheap age ups.

Italians have the most viable gunpowder, because it’s easier and faster to reach imp, them you also get cheaper chemistry and cheaper units, so overall you save a ton of resources that allows you to perform a fast gunpowder strategy on normal settings.

Lastly you also have condos, which are a nice support for you gunpowder in a fast imp strategy, while others civs needs to rely on units that are more tech-dependent.

Turks are a strong contender with free chemistry, more HP, faster training and free light cav upgrades, but overall the Italians get to age up faster and still saves on similar upgrades besides on the units themselves, so they are faster in my opinion.

As pure raw power instead, probably spanish or turks, depending on the unit you want to use, but it’s harder to pull it off in standard arabia or even arena.

You’re underestimating how powerful the +2 range on HCs is. That alone leapfrogs them to be the top contender. Keep in mind you also have great Camels to support your gunpowder with, in case enemy goes Cavalry.

Like, you can do the same with Turks. They ‘just’ get gunpowder a little earlier and they have a bit more HP. That doesn’t sell it, does it? Especially Spanish - their gunpowder just shoots a little faster.

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