Best Late Game Civ With Trade?

Who do you think is the best late-game civilization with trade? As in you have like lots of trade carts, so gold isn’t a big issue as they flow back and forth from your allies market.

Which civilization benefits the most from a steady supply of gold?

This is a very difficult question.

If you have trades you should have an ally, so what is really important is the civ combo.

One of the most powerful combo is archers + Knights, especially in arabia.

Civs with good late game cavalry are teutons, franks, Lithuanians.

Civs with good late game archers are britons, Chinese, mayans, vietmamese, italians (vs cavalry).

Other powerful late game options are Elephants (khmer), mangudais (mongols).

In late game cost efficiency matter less. So mayans are less powerful than the rest of the game. Rattan archers are better late game options than plumes imo, despite during the whole match mayans are way better than vietmamese.

Also Halabs are less important than a 1v1.

In closed maps like bf siege matters more, so, for instance, celts are very powerful.

Since a lot of powerful civs use cavalry options, also indians are very good.

Personally, I like Mongols in the late game with a combo siege + mangudais.

In my opinion, every civ that have Paladins.

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I’d say pocket civilizations with heavy mounted units especially Spanish and Indians with the trading bonuses

unlimited el dorado eagles say hi…

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biggest downside of khmer eles is the cost… naturally if you have “unlimited res” they should be a contender for the top spot… but agree with others, anyone with superior Heavy Cav (since their downside is supposed to be cost) and expensive but powerful archers aka viet since they can spam ele then as well

but for top place for “unlimited res”

for open maps i say franks (spammability of their OP paladins)

for closed maps i say khmer

without unlimited res i say malay and persians, since they have unlimited top tier “trash”

I think the best late game with trade Civs are:

  • Persians
  • Khmer
  • Spanish
  • Slavs
  • Franks
  • Teutons
  • Lithuanians
  • Mongols
  • Celts
  • Etiopians
  • Burmese
  • Vietnamese
  • Indians
  • Byzantines

You can see pattern - Civs with Strong Cav and/or strong siege.

but Elephants are more limited by food than gold except Persians with their insane Elite upgrade

definitely agree early imperial, but during “trash war” period? when trade is actually giving the returns amd you have 120+ vils? i dont think food is as a big issue then as opposed to gold? either way its only on closed maps with great trade that we see the 40+ blobs of battle elephants

but persians definitely crazy strong, just not sure how fast someone could pump out war elephants(at 30 seconds a pop pre-conscription) compared to non castle built stuff… and in food terms they’re even more expensive food wise.

Persians can go safer approche, with Paladinos, and prepare Eles behind this.

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Given a late game with a large eco and good trade, you want a civ with expensive units that give a lot of strength for their pop space. Think mainly of civs with elephants, paladins and siege, or good unique units. Civs that come to mind are Persians, Franks, Khmer, Burmese, Lithuanians, Cumans, Spanish. Civs like Teutons, Turks and Saracens are also nice late game with unlimited gold, but are considered less strong in general and harder to get to the late game.

Trade means a team game and then the combination of civilizations matters. The first civ should be preferrably Spanish for the trade bonus, which means easier to get trade rolling and less trade carts required so more pop space for expensive units. Spanish have paladins and cannon units that are efficient use of pop space, and halbs when needed. Of course this is not a must to have Spanish to make a strong late game combination, but let’s just explore this option for now to make it easier.

With two civs in a team you would definitely want good archers, and if possible some siege/elephants/eagles to complement Spanish. Vietnamese sounds great because you then have rattans and elephants; or maybe Aztecs or Mayans for eagles, arbs/plumes and siege. Britons with champion and arbs/longbow or Goths for infantry spam sounds nice but in really late game their units are a bit cheap and not very pop space efficient, they would be better to win earlier in imperial age (also a bit true for Mayans).

With 3 civs the number of combinations possible is already getting very large, even with Spanish fixed. What makes a combo good I think is that you have as many of the following things as possible: one extra mobile civ; elephants, camels; archers; siege; eagles. Next to Spanish you could pick for example Khmer and Incas (lack mobility and camels), or Mongols and Vietnamese (lack eagles)

With 4 civs you could maybe have everything from the above combined and/or good infantry and cavalry archers and maybe some awesome unique units or an extra paladin civ. For example:
Spanish, Vietnamese, Mongols, Aztecs
Spanish, Khmer, Saracens, Incas

If you drop Spanish as constraint, you can make other combinations (don’t forget to include paladins and cannon units on the civ picks then). For example:
Cumans, Khmer, Indians, Aztecs
Franks, Mongols, Burmese, Aztecs

Of course “it depends”, on the map type, on whether you can survive to the late game with the chosen civs etc.

I disagree. El dorado eagles are cost effective vs several units. Including paladins. As plumes are.

But in a late game scenario, if pop efficiency matters more, the strength of the single unit is more important. So paladins are better since one single paladin is stronger than a single eagle (except vs camels).

Again, in 1v1 or in the previous part of the TG game, plums are much better than rattans. As eagle are very powerful. I would pick mayans over, say, magyars, both in TG and 1v1.

But in TG late game magyars are better. Paladins are stronger than eagles while CA are stronger than plumes

Yeah, but once you get a stable eco and get 60 of them, good luck stopping FU EWE

Surpriesed noone mentioned koreans. Imo they’re definitely top 5 if not 3, those onagers with war wagons are deadly.

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Exactly, scouts-knights-paladins-elephants transition

maybe the Persian player needs sling from teammates but it’s unstoppable

Spanish. FU Paladin + Conquistador + BBC + an actual Trade bonus.

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