Best opening for goths at 1000 elo?

Hello so I used to play brits but iv switched to goth and dropped from 1050 to 950 because im not as good with the civ but im doing it cos I know that my lategame is my weakness and I like goths, I dont even care about elo, just saying what elo I am so that people are aware of the level im on. However im having difficulty figuring out my opening, there are exactly 0 specific goth specific build order guides on youtube for goths, and the old AOC ones dont work because they didnt have instant loom and infantry discount is now different plus, archers are much more powerful with no lag.

I have been trying drush-fc on runestones but tend to find that my enemy is already in fuedal by time my drush hits, I can make some idle time but not sure how effective the drush is (Isnt is meant to hit while there on there way up to fuedal.) I have had a bit of success doing 22 pop archers (just doing my standard brit build but as goths.) as well as man at arms into archer play but feel like I shouldnt try and out archer brits, etho, mayans etc.

Also when I reach castle and want to transition to huskarl should I stay 1 tc and mass xbow/skirms then do a push to buy time until I can get my castle up or should I go 2 tc and defend. I feel like 3 tc is just way too risky and gets me killed to mass crossbows.

Maps wise: Favor runestones, ban Arena, Arabia and Nomad, hope I dont land water.

I’d recommend playing Magyars exclusively on the lower levels. They are extremely versatile, easy to play because there is nothing specific, and are so bad after early feudal you need to be simply better than your opponent to win. That way you will learn to outplay with different strategies and units on the macro level (as magyars don’t have anything interesting pre-imp), and also, because you will know you are overall better than your opponent, just your civ is worse, you will feel confident in taking games to imp, where magyars shine.

As for goths, drush/maa into archers, crossbow, and work your way towards a boom, a knight/xbow comp, or straight to huskarl spam if against an archer civ. If against a cavalry civ, you can go knights/pike or xbow/pike and transition to halb HC hussar later.

Oh and by the way, if you are going to drush, always premill, the other one is too late. And in general it’s a strategy for the higher elos. I’d recommend maa archers tbh.

Goth depend hard on the matchup you play. i think starting with archer is never bad. In castle age it’s sometimes more useful to just go knights, because their castle age is also pretty weak compared to other civs.

If you play vs an archer civ, huscarls in castle age is a good option.

Maybe even longswordsmen are decent in castle age vs knights now…haven’t seem them much yet tho

Yeah iv been doing the standard drush rax goes up at 17 as per the capoch guide. I find that there already in fuedal by time my militia get there.