Best Timestamps to Age up

What are you people’s timestamp when aging up to ll, lll and IV age?

I normally start building the LM at 2:30, to finish it up at 4 (with 4 vills)
For lll I normally get it at 12-13 minutes. lV happens less and its highly volatile, from 18 to 30 minute marks depending on whats happening in the match,

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I mean it highly depends on game state and civs. Sometimes you hit imperial age at 14 minutes, and sometimes you play a 20+ minute feudal only game. Other than aging to feudal there’s no good benchmark.

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I’m a slow ager to Feudal I normally finish my age up past the 4th minute mark. 2 villagers on barbican.
as a Chinese main I normally go 2 tc Song and boom. if i’m faced with early aggression I might stay in feudal longer. but my castle age is normally between 12-18 minutes. Imperial age is normally at 20-26 minutes.

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I’d be more interested to know which strategies counter which ones.

For example if you opponent boom, or is agressive or is going fast castle, what should you do?

Is two TC always better than fast castle? Or in which situation it’s not? Etc.

Sorry for late reply, but here is the theorical triangle :

Boom counters fast castle (turtle), fast castle counters rush and rush counters boom.

For your example: two tc is always good for booming, but not ultimately necessary for fast castle (since you will lose precious wood for defensive buildings). Rush is the ‘‘go to’’ strategy for 1v1 since it’s simple. Its the perfect way to play against boomers, since they only focus on economy. Fast castle destroy rushes because they play ‘‘balanced’’ and defend themlseves well agaisnt early rush and the economic advantage in the mid game will end up winning the game against a rusher (who spends everything on units and staying feudal).

And the reason boom beats fast castle is simply because Going defensive against a Boomer is not a good idea. They will have a massive advantage in economy by the 10-15minutes and will annihilate the fast castle player who was making units and defensive buildings.

There’s no way fast castle defend rush.
Only military units defend rush.

Plus when booming you get extra TC which helps defend against attack. Also tc much cheaper than castle. So easier to defend when booming than when castling.

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I started with 1 lumber,1 stone,1gold,3food when food 8 i send another to gold.And while i age up i send all fresh workers to lumber.That way i able to build production buildings.Walls and if enemy fast castles.i able to kill a lot of workers with horseman.That way i age up little bit longer for exchange of readiness to all stuations.

You misread what i wrote. Fast castle is not to build a castle early, its to go to third age ‘‘castle age’’ faster. Why i’ts strong against a rush is becase along the way you make up defenses. Towers, early units, walls, etc. This is dangerous for the rushing player because the more time passes, the more resources you have than him, and it means the end of the match in your favor.

You can also make defense along the way when booming.
Which is actually easier to defend against rush when doing that.

Not sure why you compare all-in boom, to balanced fast castle.
Maybe should compare all-in boom to all-in castle
And balanced-boom to balanced castle.

Yeah, but it will fail against a rush.
You see, when you boom, you concentrate on economy. It’s a good strategy against the fast castle player who spent on defenses and units for nothing since you did not attack him. But if you start doing defenses, then you are not booming, you are fast castling.

what? 2 tc song boom defended from a rush by zhuge nu, walls, outposts, barbican. Is a fast castle strategy?

For a castle age you need to go castle age the fastest possible while defending yourself

The idea is mostly to stay in castle and destroy your opponent with your above-average upgrades and units.

Boom will stay on age longer but its objective is Imperial. It will go to imperial and decimate the battlefield with the strongest available units and siege.

Look at it this way: Rush is staying on feudal mostly, FC is staying in castle and Boom is Imperial. Rush beats Boom, Boom beats FC and FC beats Rush.

The number of tc is not important as long as it helps your desired strategy.

Except for HRE and Ottoman FC sometimes their goal is to go imperial.

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Me with HRE i prefer going 1 tc until Castle. THen i pump Landkench from burgrave so tho have a solid defense and then go to imperial if needed.