Best Units To Support Massed Longbowmen?

What are the best units to support your Britan ally’s huge army of massed Longbowmen? It’s a 4v4 game, you are making a heavy push on black forest. It’s late into Imperial Age. What civs/units are great to help to keep your sniper team of Lonbows alive?

Teutonic Knights x Monks

I think Khmer eles or a paladin civ. I’d take eles preferably though they will be forced to make halbs and the range of longbows mixed with their slightly higher damage over arbs with Khmer heavier hitting eles means lots of halbs just won’t get many hits in they will die so fast and eles are the most population efficient unit in game too. Eles do take a while to build up though so Brit player will have to wall and get castles up and can do easy defence with range while the build up of eles happens. Brits and Khmer are one of the strongest combos on arena too it’s so easy to win with this combo if you play in a duo party in 4v4. With Brits you should save lots of gold on BF if you play it right and don’t lose much army therefore can add in either some warwolf trebs or onagers to help give even better trades Vs massed halb and there’s nothing opponent can do about it as Brit range means other side can’t go onager and monks won’t work Vs eles with Brit range. Also Brits + Khmer is even more broken on BF as if you have some kind of bad matchup somehow (none that I know of) you could do very early men at arms arch with Brits and Khmer can do crazy 16 -17 pop scouts with good build order. Other good supporting armies for longbows are goths huskarls and top tier siege onager civs.
It’s also possible that Persian eles are the better civ in very late game with best eles but I think it’s just too slow for most people and risky Khmer eles will hit early and harder I think.

The only way this army comp of longbow + eles loses is if someone on the other team cuts trees with onagers and makes game extremely messy so with this strat line woodlines with outposts and have halb prepped for fast production

It’s important what your opponent does. But I think Hussars are great uin general.
Important is, that the Hussar player has to be very active, evade enemy attacks and snipe everything which could be a threat to the longbows: Monks, skirms, rams, mangonels, bbc.
That’s how I would play it.
Preferrably I would take a civ which has a nice bonus to hussars like tatars or turks.

But if you don’t mind losing some of your meatshield value, ofc the standard frank paladin are the perfect accompanions to longbows.
It has a reason we have that stale kight/archer meta in teamgames.

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Light Cavalry or Hussar

Use your gold in Siege Onager or Bombard Cannon (if available), or sling it to your ally when needed.

Correct answer is it depends.

I think some fun options are
Magyar Huszar: they’re a very strong trash unit, and the threat of pikes/halbs is lessened by the fact that longbows obliterate pikes. As Britons, you actually don’t need that much food, so if you’ve collected extra food, you can send it to the Magyar ally for more meatshield.

Malay Elephants: They’re a gold cost unit, but a cheap gold cost unit. They’ll still beat Paladin in a 1v1, so they’re actually not that bad. They can take down production buildings and tc’s at a decent speed too.

And as @casusincorrabil already said, Hussar in general is good option.

If the Briton player’s ally is a meso civ, then there’s not many options, a mix of eagles and pikes.

Frank knights or Tatar Keshiks, that’s really the best two imho.
Also Magyar huszar only if your opponent tries to counter them with siege.

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Just be warry of Camel civs. While Camels don’t counter archers, they make quick work of any cavalry your ally can field, and have the speed to get to your archers and hurt them.

Camels are one of the worst units you can make in BF or arena games they die to archers fast and their mobility can’t be used to it’s maximum pls don’t ever go camels on a closed map it’s free win for opponent if they are clued in unless some wierd matchup

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