Best Way To Boom

Honestly I keep getting my butt kicked online by people who can boom about 3-4 mins faster than me. What can I do or work on to get my boom faster and what civ should I use to boom faster? Havent really found a civ that fits me yet

You mean fast castle?
Khmer have the easiest very strong fast castle into boom, but it only works on Arena.

Can you get a gold medal on the Art of war missions?

It is about training ur macro, go play arabia and try 200 vills as fast as you can, you will get it better eventually, there isno better way to improve ur booming skills than trying that simple goal.


If your opponent reaches castle age 2 or 3 minutes before, and if you haven’t done that much damage to him/her in feudal, then you usually want to got 1 tc agressive push, cause you wont be able to regain the advantage he/she has in eco.

Anyway, hotkeys are basic in order to boom faster. Good hotkey for the tc, and good hotkey for vils. Also you can use the “select all tcs” hotkey


The best way to boom is that you have a good game setup as well the setup should be of high class quality of drug ruger as well.Then you must be boom.

Personally, I found that very useful.

You can simply spread your vills

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They key of booming is to constantly build new farms whenever you have enough wood. To train this, I would recommend to use the Teutons, because their farms are even cheaper. If you can maintain farm production with Teutons, you will have no problems with any civ.

Khmer have decent farms too

At least they can be placed in any shape you’d want them to

One important thing in boom, besides the constant vill and farm production is to micro villagers in wood. You dont only have to check villagers blocking each other but also be sure that they are chopping efficiently (similar amount of vills on each side of the lumber camp, be sure that vills are choping close to the lumbercamp/tc and so on).

It’s also useful to use the market to reorganize resources but not to abuse. Sometimes you can buy 100 stone to build an extra TC, buy 100 food if you are lacking, but only a few times to make sure your production is going smooth. If you abuse the market constantly, it will be inefficient.

You can also put all your town centers under a control number or to use the hotkey to select all tcs, so once you set the way point for each tc, you can spam villagers by using less actions.

Eco upgrades timing is also important. Some good boomers research wheelbarrow once certain amount of vills/farmers is reached.

Town centers placement is also critical to reach a good boom. Try to place TCs close to critical resources (this is obvious but you can optimize it) and it would be better if you can place the town center between a gold and a wood line (for example), but also making sure that there will be enough space to surround it by farms.


Do you have a good build order for booming?
Do you watch the replay of a game to analyse how you and your ally play?
Do you use hotkeys?
Do you have much idle time at your TC?


I assume you already knew hotkeys, adding TCs (Town Centers) in Castle age and getting economy upgrades. And don’t forget building houses (like me). You must create military too but i will just write like there is a peaceful game.

Before Reading;

I recommend (if you are new) Art of War mission about booming and testing yourself with a random game (with ai or without ai) with ‘Full Tech Tree’ open because civ bonuses can confuse you.

I don’t recommend late Castle Age because you can’t boom when your opponent making money.

There is my economical management:

Add TC’s; Usually 2 more TC ideal more TC s going to be using full resources to boom (risky) you need to spend food for villagers and wood for farmers which effects military. So having 3 TC (4th TC optional) is good. But having at least 2 TC critical if you aren’t rushing or trying strategy which is not ideal.

Send all new created villagers into wood. When you have wood immediately add more farms. When you have vil count like 50 research wheelbarrow. It is not very important to get exactly that amount of vils but don’t forget to get it. You can research handcart when you feel rich and don’t need to create vils. All of them because of you need to food for villagers wood for farms.

About half or 6/10 of your population limit must be on vils. You can delete them at late game. Usually my farmer count twice as much as lumberjack count but I go for Hussars so you may need less farmer if you go archers.

Also upgrades costs usually food so if you see your stockpile like 2000 wood 200 food and researched a lot of things don’t think you have bad economical balance.

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No I dont to most of those.

Eh not much idle time

So, here you go. Work on those points. If you have questions about these points, then feel free to ask those in this thread.

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First of all, good for you asking for help instead of asking for nerfs :stuck_out_tongue:

Secondly, there have been some good suggestions given above, let me try to give you some specific advice that might help.

You can really use any civ (that is the beauty of Age of Empires 2 :slight_smile: ). There are civs that will give you better booming bonuses then others, but it would be better for you to learn how to boom well without those bonuses first, and then any time you get a civ with those bonuses, it will be icing on the cake!

I cannot emphasis this enough, but the #1 reason why people have a better boom than you is your idle TC time. You may not realize how idle your TC actually is. Your TC should ALWAYS be working in the Dark, Feudal, & Castle Ages. It should either be constantly producing villagers or researching the next age. Any time your TC is not working, it is time that your opponent is gaining an advantage on you.

And that leads us to this final point.
The bottom line is - if you want to compete on a decent level, you need to follow a build order. There really is no other way around it. I would recommend taking a look at the following links and practicing the Fast Castle build order first, until you get to about a 16:30 minute Castle Age time. It is the most versatile and easiest build order to learn. Once you get that down, you can experiment with others as needed depending on the map & civ you get when playing.

Fast Castle (into Knights)
Fast Castle (Boom)
Flush (pop 22 Scouts)
Drush + Fast Castle

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Best way to boom:

  1. Ride on a flaming camel
  2. Press delete
  3. Boom

Thank you to everyone and thanks for the long reply Sly. I am giving it a go tomorrow and I will report back.

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