Best wy to deal with Halberdier + Siege Onager Deathball?

We are talking about closed maps here, dealing with civs with strong Halbs and Siege Onagers (Celts/Slavs/Ethiopians/Teutons). They have a little magic trick called “walling”, so this means they can get to their undefeatable deathball comp unprovoked! I have no problem on open maps since I can raid them before they reach this comp

How could I stand a chance against them? Halbs will melt cavalry, and if I attempt to do archers (or CA/hand cannoneers etc), then Siege Onagers will dispose of them like garbage, hence there is absolutely no way for me to defeat them, hence I call them DEATHBALL comp. Keep in mind though, that Tatars have the worst infantry in game. Making both a cavalry and archer unit during this situation spells bloody death!

For those like me in this super crappy situation, having to deal with said lategame comp, what options do you have against Halb SO, in closed maps?

I am a cavalry main, and my most-picked civs on RM are Franks, Magyars, Berbers, Lithuanians, Gurjaras, Tatars, and HIndustanis.

Sometimes I also go archer civs, mostly Ethiopians, Mayans, and Vietnamese.

Seems like my preferred or default comps can never work against Halb SO!

Bombard Cannons and Redemption Monks are probably your best options here. Magyars and Tatars are going to struggle most here, you probably need to do something like Magyar Huszar Cav Archer for Magyars, and maybe something with lucky long range treb shots for Tatars.

Are you talking about civ picking or random?

If you need one civ from your list i would go for Ethiopians but don’t play archers. Their siege is crazy strong with the UT and shotel warriors shread helbs.

Key against Halb SO is always bbc to snipe the SO.

If you have a civ without bbc and bad monks its pretty tough. You should try to make the game messy then…maybe try to get in with MAA and towers for example…

Or you go for a castle and force your way in with petards. Either way u shouldn’t just boom, because the late game is with most of these civs a loser.

Depending on the map (for example, Black Forest), even just walling doesn’t really stop aggression and you can also make something work with sneaks or early aggression. Only two civs in your most picked civs don’t get bombard cannons, so you can rely on that as well.

Halb+SO is also a slow composition, hence its name as a deathball comp. If you have cavalry, you can just cut with your own Onagers and raid the enemy with cavalry. Archers aren’t really useful on those maps outside of fast/early Imperial age, so if you get an Archer civ like Mayans, you might want to end games faster. You can also try for a castle drop to break in!