Beta multiplayer worked, now official release doesnt

Well uh… All this time where I played multiplayer in the beta, I could find Hosts in the lobby.
Now its all empty and I cant even see spectator games aswell.

Can someone help me out?


MS having issues worldwide… they’re working on it…

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ah ok! :slight_smile: thanks for the info
i thought first it might had to do something with my firewall

Thank you very much for your patience! Multiplayer issues have been resolved and games should be available to play.

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Thx for quick respond…

Pls implement the possibility of LAN-games…:vulcan_salute:

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I cant play any game!

The game crahses on loading screen every time!

In standard game, campaign or multiplayer!

I have a decent PC (12 GB ram, i7 3,4 ghz processor, Geforce GTX 1060 6GB)