Better game mechanics to replace the tribal marketplace (Pemmican and Fur Trade)

The tribal marketplace is just gold mining with extra steps which is not interesting or fun and is even more insulting than the mechanic they tried to replace. It is also very confusing to have so many similar sounding buildings with the trade post, marketplace, and tribal market all as separate structures. This needs to be fixed and there are many historically accurate and balanced ways of facilitating coin gathering for these civilizations.

The native economy was based on trade which mainly centered around the fur trade and the pemmican trade and this could easily be incorporated in a way that isn’t a hut next to a mine.

Trade routes are already a major part of the game and this could be expanded as a coin source for the natives with a “fur trade” market upgrade that would grant extra coin from trade posts even at un-upgraded trade routes and possibly even from trade posts at native settlements.

Many of the treasure guardians are fur-bearing animals and the nature friendship ability was just nerfed to not apply to non-human units.These could now yield coin in addition to experience when killed.

The previous two methods of coin gathering are more just supplemental since treasures may be unreliable and many maps don’t have safe trade post locations. These civilizations don’t have a heavy need for coin before plantations/estates are available but the coin is necessary for aging up and upgrades so there would also need to be a reliable way for villagers to gather coin. This could be achieved by a “pemmican trade” market upgrade that would allow villagers to gather coin from hunted animals and berries in addition to food.

The tribal marketplace was tied to mine locations to balance it so that gathering coin was just as risky as any other civilization. Gathering coin from treasures, trade posts, and huntables is more risky than a nearby mine, so the Lakota and Haudenosaunee should also have a low risk early game coin source. This could be achieved with a coin source similar to the cherry orchard or mango grove. They could start with a travois to construct something like a “trap line” or “animal den” which would function as a safe source of coin in the early game.

This would still leave all the mines as sources of coin which are inaccessible to the Lakota and Haudenosaunee which is somewhat unfair. A shipment or way to recruit “Métis allies” that would provide coureur des bois that could mine gold would give some access to this resource.

Other possibilities for obtaining coin could include a mechanic at the community plaza such as a “beadwork ceremony” to reflect the value of indegenous artwork or upgrades to the selling rate at the market. If there is anywhere I can post this to get more attention from the developers to hopefully make some changes to this poorly implemented system, please let me know. Also feel free to suggest other ways to improve the coin gathering mechanic.

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