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The colonial era is the worst era of warfare, muskets had decent accuracy only up close and used medieval era tactics battalion against battalion hoping for probabilistic success; after the invention of the rifle using the same tactics was a massacre between two masses, there is no strategic wealth, in the battle of Waterloo the strategy was simply to attack a flank and then win in the center.
It was a chaotic time until the stagnant trench wars of the First World War, it was not until the Second World War that the war with tanks, mortars and airplanes became more dynamic; For this reason, I prefer the tactical wealth of the Middle Ages and from there move on to the Second World War with “Company of heroes II”, it has not even crossed my mind to install aoe3, these are my opinions and personal tastes, do not be offended, regards

to be real with you, colonial time is where modern warfare began to take shape, in reality its a cross between what was in medival and later on in WWI and beyond, hence why its not one or the other, opinion is an opinion ofc, also the example is hardly what typically happened, not saying it wasn’t the case sometimes, but this isn’t the common tactic, also its hard to make an opinion of a game that you never even tried (based on your comment), translation, you’re preincetivized to hate smt without trying it, i only started criticising aoe4 AFTER giving fair amount of hours
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What is good about WOL?

If they let us do more in the editor and can add our own models and civs. There would be more people making these type of mods and more people casual players would stay and play the game longer

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adds a bunch of factions, units, abilities, maps
could go on for a while

There is a tool for that : [v.0.4] Resource Manager - Viewing, comparing, creating and extracting files from Age of Empires III .BAR archive - #107

While also a big mod created for DE :smiley:

he was refering to aoe4 editor, just heads up, there’s no workaround there, its true that in aoe2 and 3 you can do just about anything, but thats not the case in 4, 4 is painfully limited in what can be done

Did You play it?

Is it really that impresive?

So what exactly can be model for AoE4?

I never played this mod

i have followed WoL’s news and only briefly checked it, it has 40+ factions, i lost count on how many maps, i think some even made it into DE but with new names, each factions has at least 3 unique units, some are european thus more symetrical, but many are of other types, including africa, even polynesians if i’m not mistaken
Home | Wars of Liberty ( feel free to check

for AOE4, only gamemodes and maps have their own categories, everything else is a tuning pack, and there’s not much room to play with in those sadly, and we still cannot import custom assests in, hence why all mods seem to be fairly bland, even in DEs, people still make their own civs for 2 and even more 3
smt 4 explicitely doesn’t allow cuz mod civs would probably make relic’s work look like crap

Imagine still simping for WoL in the current day and age…

Imagine the main thread is from 2019.

Someone revived a thread from 2019? Hot damn.

yup but everyone who tried to convince otherwise were banned or silenced. some moderated one like me expected this scenario

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Gamestar is probably the furthest from valuable opinions as you can be. I give them about 0/10 on everything strategy or RTS related.

I like AoE3DE it does some really interesting things and the patches for it is filled with goodness, I wish I got as hyped with AoE4 patches. I just don’t see the experimentation and fun new mechanics/content as I do with 2 and 3 at the very moment.

Malians brought some flavor, wish this mindset was applied more to the other factions as well.

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Aoe 3 is only good in unit differences in my opinion game doesnt feel fluid for some reason,units get slowed when they attacked and villagers dont drop off resources to somewhere if they fixed those it is a great game,it is so sad that aoe4 missing basic things like when you host a game you cant change every setting about game you need to jump from window to window it all need to be in one place we are at 2022 or we still cant see the garrisoned tower attack damage,health and other stuff but even with those things gameplay fluid and fun also devs are really working but i got the feeling they are also doing other projects so adding somethings taking long time.

snare (the units slowing down) and no dropoff points were controversial, and in fairness i wouldn’t mind dropoffs, but the game already has enough going on with home cities and all the timings, its faster pace than aoe2 and 4 for a reason

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how is it faster pace it feels so slow to me do you mean age ups ?

having to time shipments just right, keep deer under TC, getting right treasures
still plenty to do in first 3 minutes, you’ll have settlers across the map hunting, 2 raids at least and likely non stop offensives on all sides, all in under 10 minutes of playing, aoe2 had to speed the game clock up by 1.7x to get similar feel, as well as a ton of micro like boar hunting (which wasn’t even initially intended in current form, but now you have to lure to get anywhere), replacing resource dropoffs, pushing individual deer vs scouting tradeoff, and then there’s actually a lot of shared micro like villager hopping which adds efficiency in both games, back to shipment point, shipments by design speed the game up because instead of having to manage just the colony you also have to actively decide which shipment to send to get most out of it, and at which exact time, there’s plenty happening when you actually strive to play well
yes aoe2 arguably has more micro in total, but aoe3 instead flips some of that with actual game mechanics (i take herding of aoe3 over deer pushing of aoe2 any day in the week, despite doing both just fine)
long story short: aoe2 has more actions and less decisions, and aoe3 has less actions and more decisions, thats how i see it, played both since 2006 so i have plenty of time spent with both

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