Better play WOL

"A model for Age of Empires 4"

Wars of Liberty has been voted Best Mod for Age of Empires 3… Relic should watch closely to make Age of Empires 4 right.”

GameStar Magazine

They had 1 job and they did it wrong. Why go medival again???
I dont get you Relic… Worst theme you could have gone for.


Sorry but i don’t like those aoe 3 mods.

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Just saying they could have done better ^^
They could have just looked what some people can do to AOE3
And do it as AOE4. But no. Go back to Medival… AOE2:DE 2


First of all, I like both periods (Medieval and Colonial) but seems like most people enjoy more the Medieval (like me), and also the gameplay of AoE2 was better than AoE3 (for me of course, it’s my opinion after all).

But keep in mind that at some point they probably will remake AoE3 learning from the AoE2 remakes :slightly_smiling_face:


What particular features of Wars of Liberty would make a good model for medieval AoE4?


Not beeing Medival ofc…

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OK, well since that ship has sailed, unless there is something substantive, I guess we can ignore this post as unhelpful. If there are some good game features worth porting over, that would be cool to know. Every AoE4 needs to draw from every AoE game, but I gather this fan mod does not expand in any area there?


Was never ment as " helpfull " But i guess you didnt get the point of the post. Do what you want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I agree… it’s nonsense to go back to medieval. I already have 2 different versions of AoE 2


Those who like AoE3 should keep playing it :wink: and wait like 12years for a new AoE similar to that one. I waited so much for something to be like AoE1-2 and I really hope that none of those few AoE3 lovers will ruin the AoE4.

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3 version you mean ;). AoE2, AoE2 HD, AoE2 DE

Anyway AoE2 got pilished but ther’s nothing compared to AoE4 with new graphic, buildings,unitis,terrains and mechanics

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How should " we " ruin your AOE4 … I just think its super D to go back to medival… Its an ongoing game and not " lets do back to the future "

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We have too many people with too many different expectations.

  • Someone (like me) prefer the era of Age 1-2
  • Someone prefer the Renaissance
  • Someone prefer the modern era (but It’s something you can find in many other games maybe C&C or CoH - Rare made a modern RTS already so there’s no way they are gonna make a new one)
  • Someone dream to have a long progression in game like Empire Earth but hey that’s Empire Earth they might ask them for a new title.

It’s a matter of taste and they can’t please everyone :thinking:.

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I´m sure 3 versions of medival age are more than enough.

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AoE1 = 1997
AoE2 = 1999

20y later this is not enough.

and next year its 15 years of aoe3…

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They should rename the franchise, to Age of kingdoms or castles…

If we know something for sure it’s that Back to the Future was AND still it’s a great movie, so AoE 2 It’s like that, and even better because won’t end been a trilogy (AoE 2, AoE 2: HD, AoE 2: DE) now comes the fourth game! :sunglasses: :grin:

So they should have ignored the vast majority and went for WW1 because you and a few other people want so.

Btw, I have checked images for that mod, what is that abomination?

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I think that Relic not only thinks of Age of Empires 4, he also thinks of Age of Empires 5

Age Of Empires 4: Middle Ages, Renaissance Age
Age Of Empires 5: Renaissance Age — >>>

I don’t know but maybe this is a whole new franchise, will depend on the success of AOE4

we must wish the best for age of empires 4

(sorry for my english)

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