Better post-game timeline

In later Age games, the post-game screen had a bunch of timelines tracking stuff like resource counts. Age of Empires 1 just has a population timeline. I’d love to see a better timeline allowing for a clearer sense of the state of the civilizations over the course of the game. That’s allllll

Would be nice to get the villager/military pop share and battle events. More detailed score screens wouldn’t hurt anyone I guess. And come on, fix these illegible player colours on all post-game screens.

A good point! More details in the post game is essential for any player who wants to improve their in-game performance and as they are updating the game I believe that this is a part that they will not leave aside, is what I expect in fact.

Yes, absolutely.
A graph showing villager pop, total idle villagers, total resources gathered, total resources spent, total army value (great to compare how well you take an engage against a more valuable army) etc.

Also, average APM would be nice if possible.