Better range aim

I think range units need a rework. I would like to see some system that triggers if your rangeunits are going to overkill a specific unit, and all units above the kill going to aim on another target. Its pretty frustrating seeing all this lost damage sunken into an allready dead unit.

Melee works much better and splits up on serveral target, why not the range?

There does exist the ability to micromanage your archers or other ranged units to increase their effectiveness against a greater quantity of targets; manually, of course.

Having all ranged units be capable of determining the ideal payload to one-shot as many units as possible may lead to some extra issues down the line.

This game already removes the need to dodge arrows and / or work your opponents units into a corner, because the arrows are homing missiles. We should always consider how automation effects gameplay. How much do we, as the player, need to be involved in what our units are doing? In some games, which call themselves RTS, there is significantly less for the player to do to change the outcome of battles because the units do most things on their own and numbers / combinations determine the outcome. For myself and a lot of others, that can get boring. It’s one thing that really splits intermediate and pro players in AoE2, considering how much of an affect you can make on the outcome of battles by intervening with how the units would normally operate, no matter the stage of the game.


do you actually play the game at all vs humans?

melee pathing is terrible
melee attacks are terrible
ranged units are too tanky vs melee units
melee units are countered harder by their ranged counters, than ranged units by their counters…
mangos are generally more effective vs melee infantry than ranged infantry due to staggered formation vs clumping and lack of friendly fire
melee charge abilities (landsknecht included) are faulty and many times dont actually even work

and you think melee is works not only better, but MUCH better? are we playing the same game?

they can fix ranged overkill AFTER they have rectified at least a little bit of the terrible melee matchups