Better taunts

I was just reading through the list of taunts and thought that it includes alot that aren’t very useful for online play. 76-102 are all “attack with unit X”, might be useful for telling the AI what to do, but no one wants to do that to a human ally.

In the early game when we don’t have markets up yet I would like to let my ally know my game plan, and what units the enemy is building if I scout it out.

So taunts like these might be more useful:

“I’m rushing”
“I’m going to castle age early”
“I’m building [infantry/archers/cavalry]”
“Enemy [infantry/archers/cavalry]”

From what I’ve seen no one uses the taunts except 1, 2 and 11 any way, but maybe the problem is just that the current taunts aren’t that useful? Any thoughts?


Would love this… Can’t count how many times ive warned that there’s an enemy scout rush…

There’s a ton of useful taunts, most people just don’t bother to learn taunts and use only the ones that are meme’d in game. Some other really useful ones:

7 - Ahh!
12 - Ah! He rushed!
16 - Enemy Sighted
18 - Monk! I need a monk!
23 - Raiding Party!
24 - Dadgum
25 - Eh, smite me
26 - The wonder, the wonder, the … no!
31 - Attack the enemy now
38 - Give me your extra resources

12 is really useful when you get rushed early game, but hardly anyone uses this taunt. There are a ton of ppl that spam 14 in game when they want their ally to attack when they should be spamming 31. There’s tons of useful taunts, people just don’t know about them. You could make better taunts, people won’t use them if they don’t know about them.

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I don’t think alot of those are useful. 7, 24, 25, 26 are fun, but not useful. If you are being rushed you are normally too busy to say anything so 12 is hard to use/too late. 23 is ambiguous, who is raiding? Us or them?

18 must be rare, 16 you would normally just flag

The ones I suggested allow you to quickly communicate your strategy and scouting info. 16 is just you saw the enemy, no details.

That said you are right about there being useful taunts that no one uses. 61-68 to attack a specific player comes to mind. Plus as you mentioned 31 and I’m pretty sure there are resource specific versions of 38.

You mean taunts 3,4,5,6? How’d you miss those? hmmmm

Only started thinking about memorising some tonight. Found that there weren’t many worth the effort.

Also “Here is player x”, “Where is player x” similar to the 6x ones

good ideas

i’d like a taunt that’s like “i have a castle” “do you have a castle” “where’s your market again?”

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Where is your market?
Here is my market

Yeh need that for any game that goes late, currently there is 52 to instruct the other player where to build a market, if you don’t mind coming across as arrogant

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sorry i meant if the player already built a market then you could ask them, i guess it could be changed to “do you have a market”

I understood and agree with you

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I’m thinking about building a grammar based system as a mod. I know nothing about mods, so it might not happen. One idea is it could be used by typing the back tick [`] to indicate the start of the taunt. It would work something like this:



0bc [nothing] [bc]
1bc where is [bc]?
14r where is [r]?
2bc here is [bc]
24r here is [r]
3bc attack [bc]
41d my strategy is [d]
42c I’m building [c]
43c I’m building [c] here


0 [nothing]
1 your
2 the enemy
3 my
6x player [x]'s


0 [nothing]
1 infantry
2 archers
3 cavalry
4 siege
5 ships
6 monks
7 town center
8 castle
9 market


0 [nothing]
1 rush
2 boom
3 fast castle
4 fast imperial


3 food
4 wood
5 gold
6 stone

This way you only need to remember about 30 elements and get about 185 commands. Some won’t be useful but alot of them would be.

Some examples are:

119 - where is you market?
239 - here is my market
1627 - where is player 2’s TC?
145 - where is gold?

If I am scout rushing I can say

411, 423

This might be too much too remember, but each player can just memorise the bits relevant to them

I think they should change taunt number 69 to somebody saying “nice” and that is all I have to say on the subject