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I’m really proud of this mod, guys! I hope you enjoy it!

Il est vrai que pour ceux qui débutent ou oublient ce que cela fait, ce mod aide à avoir un coup d’œil rapide pour savoir si c’est pertinent ou pas de l’ajouter au deck, j’espère juste voir un jour une version française qui sait ? :smiley:

If I can get a French person to do the translation, Ill update the mod with French! Would you like to help? @Tetsuryu

Hélas j’ai une compréhension médiocre de l’anglais, pour cause je suis obligé d’utiliser un module pour google translate pour lire, sinon un mot sur deux m’échappe, bon courage pour rendre ce mod plus accessible dans d’autre langues

I have just added a German translation for the mod! I used Google translate to aid in the translation, and while I did my best to ensure all the same terminology was used from the original translation, I am not a German speaker and some errors may have slipped through. Please leave me a note if you see any mistakes in the translation!

@Tetsuryu Good news! I have updated this mod with a French translation (thanks in part to you asking for it)! Give the mod a download and see how you like it!

I will say that Google translate was used, and I am not a native French speaker. If you find any grammatical or linguistic errors, please let me know!

Pas de souci je le ferais :slight_smile:

May i offer you, that i translate the mod to german, to prevent the google issues?

Sure thing! I’ll send you a DM.

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why are we discussing this? just add it, the more info has the iu the better, and please if iu could say amounts (0.03) 5% etc, instead of “small increment” word

The mod does add it! I put in percentage numbers amd tech costs. It would be cool if it got added to the main game.

This mod only adds info for the church cards, though. Do you want info for something else?

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what are we discussing, adding it to the game? or what?

yes time of developing, its always needed its not the same 10 secs to develop tech or 1 minute tech, specially if i want to coordinate an attack to the enemie’s base with the end of the developing tech

This particular thread is for my mod, which adds descriptions (to the church cards in the deck) that explain what technologies are unlocked by those church cards. So you can see, for example, what the Roger’s Rangers technology does (and what it costs) just by checking the description of the Glorious Revolution card, which enables it. It’s a small mod, but very helpful I think. It would be cool if they added this feature into the base game, but thats not what the thread is about.

Hmm… I’ll have to look into that. I dont want to cram the church card description with too much information. I think that the timing can be found in the tech’s description itself… but we’ll see!

I think you missunderstand that this :

Is a bot message. It gets automatically created as soon as you upload a mod…

" I think that the timing can be found in the tech’s description itself" tech’s description? where? of course not
you can add this short icons:
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Where did you find that