Big out of synch problems after the Januar Update

this just happened to me, I was wining the game and I was thrown away of it.

This is unvelibable, regardless to say that my allies quit the 4 fames before this one, because someone of the opposite team picked lithuanian which is broken due to the relic bug…


had 1 last night, after only played 2 games, thats 50%!


I got this in every games I played with my friends, there were more than 10 times already.


Some AOE streamers had it as well. Bugs are just poping out left and right, this is really bad and I hope something will be done soon to remove those performance issues and bugs.


Same problem here! Also a lot of other sudden game crashes since the update.


Happened to us several times even without playing new civs.


I had the same issue. 5 player match, 2.5 hours in, the game crashed for me. It said I could reload and restore the game however when attempting to reload the save and create a lobby from the save file aoe2:de crashed to desktop.

A similar thing happened in the first game I was playing, except the game only crashed for me and booted me to the desktop.

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Encountered an “out of sync” last night in a ranked 4v4 match. Logs and replay file attached.

I suppose if people in this thread would like to help diagnose/fix the out-of-sync issues, supply your logs and records to the devs.

You can find logs like the ones I shared above in “c/users/YourWindowsLoginName/Games/Age of Empires 2 DE/logs” and the aoe2record files in “c/users/YourWindowsLoginName/Games/Age of Empires 2 DE/SomeLongNumber/savegame”.

same problem happen to all my game today

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Happened to me today as well…
But i guessed it was due to something strange happening. Here is the situation we had:
CBA (Requiem V5) from enemy team 2 guys were dead (1 dropped, other got killed), so we were pretty far ahead. In order to at least somewhat help the enemys I placed farms in enemy base (in earlier versions they always were visible to enemy and if they shoot the unbuild 0HP farm foundation it would count as a raze (in CBA you then get a vill)). Just as enemy hit that unbuild farm game went out of sync with abouve message box.
I was thinking this was because of maybe causing problems with the modfile, idk… but maybe it just was random.
Well this is a rare edge case, I get that, but maybe it helps finding the bug

Me and my friends were OOS 3 times yesterday in 3v3 and 4v4 in ranked games.
Details: For me was only in Coastal Forest map, 2 times in 4v4, 1 time in 3v3, we play several games games afterwards in Arabia and Baltic without incident. Not sure if playing in the new maps is related to the issue.

hotfix just release few hrs ago, try checking again everyone

Even after the hotfix, I was against Sicilians (not sure if there is any relation), and in the middle of the game, the game just crashed, no ‘out of sync’ screen, just closed :frowning: Not sure if it’s a problem with my pc/game or not.

Problem is in the game, it happens to too many people, different civs, different times, different PC-s and different settings. So it is definitely problem in game, we just need to hope that they will fix it soon.

For my friend, game freezes and he cannot play at time when he tries to make a new farm. So, there are probably many issues in code at different stages of the game.

Crashes is a different thing and is not adressed in this topic or the hotfix. But I agree, my game also just closes to deskop sometimes.

And because of all those differences, it is important that people find and send their logfiles for the devs to inspect and diagnose the issues.

I understand that people are frustrated but just piling on by saying “I had a crash” or “I experienced out-of-sync” alone does not help. Send logs or these issues are very unlikely to get fixed.

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The Out of Sync issue has been happening to me a huge amount today. I pretty much only play custom scenarios (CBA etc) and it’s happening maybe 80% of the time, normally within the first few minutes.

I dont know how to upload a game, but in this game we were about to win, more over they were resigning, and I tried to build a castle, but was going to be build on top of an enemy house and we all got OUT OF SYNC and it threw all us away from the game… we didnt get the points either… the issue of the out of sync is when building a castle on top of an enemy building!!! it happened to me in other games. Please you have to do something about this issue!!!

The game has become unplayable. Sync error after 2 hours, 1.5 hours!!

How do I send me logs?