Big out of synch problems after the Januar Update

How do I send me logs?

every FFA game crashes (

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it isn’t just that. out of sync MAY leave log file, crashing to desktop more than half the time does not generate log file, can’t even report at times.

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For me it’s always the new Campaign (burgund, Sicillian) where the ctd occurs.

Have you tried the enhanced logging build? 📌 [HOW TO] Use the Enhanced Logging Build to generate Networking Logs (Disconnects)

Since the last Update I can’t watch my replays anymore until the end (error: not synchronal anymore). My friends have the same problem. It happens mostly after ~ 30 ±5 mins.

yep always enhanced logging


Hello everyone! Hotfix 45185 is now available, and aims to address the out of sync errors reported after the January Update. You can read up on the fixes here:

Whether this addresses the issue or does not, please let us know so we can continue to discuss anything that prevents you from playing the game. Thank you for your patience, and enjoy!

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i can tell u how, just play ffa