Bigger map size for water maps, Fortress and Budapest

One chnage of the patch that seems to be overlooked by many is the changed map size for Archipelago, Islands, Migration, Team Islands, Pacific Islands, and Sandbank, Fortress and Budapest. These maps now have the dimensions of the next map size, so the small map size instead of tiny for a 1v1.

Quote from the Patchnotes (Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition - Update 81058 - Age of Empires):

  • Archipelago, Islands, Migration, Team Islands, Fortress maps are now enlarged on all map sizes except Ludicrous instead of only on Giant. On the map sizes smaller than Giant these maps now have the dimensions of the next map size (for example Tiny map size on these maps will have the dimensions of Small map size). The same enlargement now applies to Budapest, Pacific Islands, and Sandbank maps as well.

This has probably an meaningful effect for water maps. Bigger Islands, more land ressources, more fish, more space to maneuver in the water, more time until you reach the opponent, no possibility of blocking the water with a single Dock on Islands, cannon galleons can reach less etc. Overall probably a good change, but I’m not sure about al the effects.

And I don’t see an explanation by the devs why these maps specifically were changed. For example why Fortress but not Hill Forts? Bigger maps are an interessting idea, but I would like to know the background behind the idea.

What are your opinions about this change?


this is a great change, one of the issues with islands is you always run out of wood even before gold, which doesn’t happen on any other map. In teamgames, this meant there was never any reason to trade on islands and in 1v1 it meant relics mattered less. It also could create annoying stalemates, even at the pro level we have had a few draws.

Big nerf to Portuguese and feitoria. Nice job.

CD version was hardcoded to make these 5 maps bigger. HD devs removed this by accident/on purpose. DE devs are unhardcoding a lot of things for map makers. Those 5 maps were probably tweaked a lot since CD days so they may be due for a remake now that override_map_size is back