Black Forest is the Most Bugged of all the DE Maps

Look at how far away my trees are I’ve never seen a map that is so unfair to the players, Black Forest used to be my absolute favourite map and now I just feel that it is far too bugged to be enjoyable.

Is that Death Match treaty that I just saw?

Random Map Script: Spawns one bad map (arguable that distance to the forest is not too far)

One player: “The whole Script freaking sucks!1!!”

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Kinda, it’s just a Random Map game with ultra-high resources and a 60-minute treaty, I just like post-imperial battles.

I actually generated maps 10-15 times and they were all bad but this was the worst one.

There are so many maps that are so much worse. BF is probably one of the most well implemented maps. There are some maps I would literally just not recommend ever playing on. But BF seems pretty well fleshed out to me.


Better have a map like this than a map where half your territory is enclosed in a forest and you end up with not enough space to be able to both boom and spam production buildings 11

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