Hey guys i need help i’ve been checking forums with a problem i have regarding Age of empires 2 definitive edition…

every time i start the game up and get to the main menu it is pixelated black and white, the menu icons(single-player multiplayer are normal) i have checked forums and the aoe2 de FAQ and trouble shoot i have done just about everything, i have reverted back to older drivers updated my visual library, made sure the microsoft store is updated the game appears to be up to date at my wits end… i love this game and i have had this edition since its release and never had any problems since i started up again after a break, as well as aoe1 de 2 3 and the latest with no issues, also it occasionally crashes on start up…which it never has before.

any suggestions my pc is more than capable of running this game also.

It might be a mod? Have you uninstalled all mods?

Hi hi

i actually removed a aoe2 mod the lazer arrows but it is still effecting the way its running regardless…