Black screen happened randomly

Hi, I have dual 4K monitor, everything works fine, until black screen happened randomly, I have to quit and rejoin, but it still happening. Tried to restart the machine, all other games work fine.

Here is the screenshot.

Every other sections work fine except the main area.

Update: I use Windows 10 Insider Preview latest build, VGA RX 580.

Actually I’m pretty sure that the insider builds of Windows 10 are not officially supported.

You will need to run a Windows from the latest current release branches, not limited to retail versions only. This means by November 14th their support automatically will be limited to using Windows version 1903 and up which is supported until November 14th 2020 again (including feature updates), and so on.

Does it make a difference if you only use one of your 4K monitors (primary preferred) and play the game?
Something that you could test first.

Is this a one time occurrence? Or does it happen often?

If it happens regularly, how often?

Is there anything that seems to trigger it happening?

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checked the grafic driver? seems to be something with openGL?

Thank you, I’ll need to use Insider edition until Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 release on the next Windows big update.

Well, it happened with 1 screen also.

Chances to make this bug is really high, 70%, when it happened, I will need to restart the computer.
Btw, I play other games normally, not so much games.

WSL2 is great if you like to bash yourself a way around.

I would still blame it on the AMD RX 580.

Maybe this tech has something to do with it:

Please check if you can disable this feature somewhere. The game is quite sensitive for additional screen capture and or overlay drivers.

Thanks for your reply, I think the problem is my RX580, I’ll buy another one. We can close the topic here.

Btw, there is somewhat funny, I can see all match, yes, some objects revealed, included hill, rocks, and… all enemies TOWN CENTERS. It not show on minimap but show on screen.

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This screenshot also reminds me of the particles and the problem of the old AOE II AOK version where you had to kill explorer.exe before launch to get undistorted graphics.

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