Black screen/No signal issue

After playing the game for a while, i get black screen for a few seconds, and then my monitor gets no signal info, but the sound is still present. Sometimes it happens after a few minutes after loading a match, and sometimes after half an hour or so. I tried using win+ctrl+shift+b to restart GPU drivers and get the screen back but nothing happens, and then i am forced to shut down pc using button, since my entire pc freezes. I have tried running stress tests, reinstalled the drivers, played a variety of much more demanding games and everything worked fine, even contacted AMD for help, and after all this, the issue still happens only in AoE4. I would be very grateful if someone helped me. Thanks.

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Same here! I suddenly encountered this problem today. I am not aware of any system changes that might have caused it. I am using a AMD Radeon RX 580. Driver updates (recommended & latest) did not resolve the issue.

Age of Empires technical support has let me know that this is a known issue and that work on a fix is in progress.

An update: I have just replaced my video card. It appears it had been dying, which happened to show first while playing AOE4. The card has been replaced and the issue does not occur any longer.

I am glad you were able to solve this issue, but mine still persists. Unfortunately i am not able to get a new GPU at the moment, and the current one is only 2 years old. I am surprised that it happens only in this game and not as much in others. I really like AoE 4 and it’s sad news for me not being able to play it at all :frowning: