Blackberries ,Too many berries in Sweden

Sweden will have 1,000 berries per house,This means that you have the highest profit of 20,000 food.
The Chinese card can only have 18 buffaloes at most, which means the highest food income of 9,000, which is obviously much higher. Sweden will have enough food until the end of the game to affect the balance of the game

Sweden need to be better than other civs, this is DE game life.

They can keep it, as long as torps can’t gather more than 1 resource at a time.

I don’t think blackberries specifically is the problem with Sweden. I honestly like Swedens design, but they still feel a bit too strong. Having limited unit roster helps, but at times it feels like their economy just pushes them over other typically “great economy” civs.

Ironically, The Lion of the North relied on successive wars to make Sweden rise. Instead of “great economy”

there are people who remember that the developers in the past have said that Sweden will be a civilization with a strong 2age rush and will be a good choice for the skilled person.

Well Swedish carolean + 2LC rush is pretty broken.