Blacksmith different behavior

I was wander how could affect to the meta and the gameplay if blacksmith upgrades would make effect on units created after they are researched. Could this reduce a little the snowball effect?, making comebacks matches more usual? Thoughts?

Would be interesting, tho it may be too large of a change for the playerbase to accept kindly.

That being said, I believe the current way is fine as is.

No. That would not be nice for players to use. I can definitely see that getting a lot of pushback. Leave the blacksmith as it is.

Dont think its possible to code it like that.

Its entirely possible. All you have to look at is the new polish unit. They can take armor off of individual units and that armor stays away even if a monk heals it. How ever placing it inside a building and back out will rest this effect. So if you built a castle and had them pop in its like they get required

Sadly thats not how tech effects work ingame.

I think that would change the game too much. For one, it basically means that army made before upgrades becomes redundant and useless after. For example, what is the point of massing archers in feudal if you can’t upgrade them with bodkin arrow in castle? Massing any kind of unit that transitions into the next age (ca, archers, cav to a lesser extent) would basically be near worthless after the upgrades come in.

I guess it willbe the same for your opponent but i just dont see how that would be fun gameplay-wise