Blacksmith upgrade modify as civ bonus


It could be very fun to modify blacksmith upgrade for some civ:
Fletching, bodking arrow and bracer the range increase is convert to attack increase. Than mean in post imp you have less 3 of range and +3 of attack. It’s a bad trade but can fit to some civ design
Archer amor affect the attack and not the armor (can be justify as arrow are modify to better penetrate padded, leather or ring armor)

Archers would be worse against ranged unites until they get in range… Which is feasible with a decent meatshield.

And they would be much better against the rest of things (except rams)

This could be hard to balance it all units are afrected. For example, 4 FU CA could abuse their speed to get into position and snipe villagers in one volley

So this bonus either should affect few units (an UU) or they should have a lot of tech holes

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This seems like a really bad idea. I don’t see it how it could be viable.

I think this is the problem. I can’t see how they’ll be balanced against ranged and melee civs.

Considering their e skirms (spammed endlessly) will do 4 damage to cavaliers /hussars (instead of 1)

And beyond terrible Vs microd arbs/skirms

So either you’ll have the tools to rek them or you lose. I think it creates too polarising games?

Archer attacks are very very finely balanced. You can’t even remotely change this.

Maybe for melee units. But this would be incredibly OP for ranged units,even if they’re missing armour upgrades.

To be clear 1 point of damage increase for xbows is a 33% damage increase against Knights. 25% for arbs.

At most I would imagine you could have skirms do 1(Aztecs/Mayans) or maybe 2 extra damage(at the cost of something) or lock something for CA beyond an imperial UT(like +2 damage but lack bracer)

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