Blast Attack Level 6


So when looking at the dat files, there’s an attribute called ‘blast attack level’. As I understand it, the number has to be higher or equal to:

0 - Dmg res
1 - Dmg trees
2 - Dmg Nearby units
3 - Dmg only targeted unit

But the Berserker and Elite Berserker have this set as 6. What does this 6 signify? What makes Berserkers the exception? Edit: it is not an exception, as noted by the post below.

All infantry units have their blast level set to 6. This is because of the Druzhina upgrade. Blast attack levels 4-7 are the same as 0-3, with the added effect that if the unit has a blast radius, it will deal a flat 5 damage to all units within that radius when it attacks.

What Druzhina does is then simply to add a blast radius to all infantry units, so that this trample damage effect takes place.


Thank you very much! Does ‘flat’ mean: not taking into account armor class rules?

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Yes, flat means always 5 damage, regardless of the respective attacks, armors and bonuses of the involved units.