Blocked Steam/Microsoft Users Shouldn't be Able to Join Your Game or Play With You

Lately, there has been a large influx in toxicity and harassers. This game is starting to feel like Rust or CSGO.

Even with this weird censorship and the glitchy “report a player” systems they’ve implemented, players who’ve been blocked on Steam/Microsoft still manage to get into my lobbies and harass me and my friends. This has been an issue since HD times, and it needs to be solved. We are tired of trolls, harassers, and toxic players who abuse others for no reasons. We always report those but they still come back whether tomorrow, next week, or we get matched against them in the ranked system. Nothing is done to them in the near future of the incident. This reporting system has been useless so far. We’ve reported someone over 4 times and after a month he still keeps joining our lobbies under different names and walls our TCs + swears at us. At other times, other trolls, toxic, and salty players do the exact same things and we waste hours trying to kick them and re-hosting because.

There needs to be a system that does not allow blocked players from matching up against you and joining/viewing your games if he or she is blocked on Steam or Microsoft. We are not willing to sponge their abuse, griefs, and insults towards me and/or my friends, those simply waste our time.

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Reports feel useless. I have reported many players in the past for multiple reasons. Seems like nothing is done with all the reports, so i stopped reporting the players.

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Just the unfortunate reality of being able to register a new account and continue harassing means reporting and blocking does not really solve the problem: the people.

Some countries are addressing such problem by Tying your account to your real info so one person can only use one account per life (lol). Maybe Microsoft can try to use a combination of IP address, geo location blah blah and enforce real ID verification after being blocked and banned a few times. However this will also result in privacy issue and personal information security problems.

Idk… maybe there is a way to mitigate such problem without involving real ID. But oh well.

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Absolutely! I also do not agree with this corrupt reporting system. It seems like multiple reports from multiple different people still bring nothing to the abuser. I hope they change it soon.

I just hope Steam users that I block won’t be able to play with me in the future, otherwise, what exactly is the point of the platform’s “block” feature? Another problem with Steam is the fact you can migrate/gift/access your game via different users, therefore, creating countless smurf and accounts that can really damage the gameplay experience (already are).

I know. Although, I do feel like this ID method can help regulate people to control what they say and do online and on video game platforms, I do not think one’s personal information should interfere with public web identities and the internet, it just gives more accessibility to wrong-doers to identify you and your privacy faster. I am not a fan of trolls using internet anonymity to do no-good, but this method has its limitations, cons, and it does feel controllingly abusive in a way, as it would be as simple as using a hack-client in a platform in order to hack & blackmail someone you don’t like.