Blood & attack moves?

where’s the blood man ???

for such a huge budget why didnt they add blood aesthethics to the game ??

also, why do units just have the same basic 1 or 2 swing attacks ??? can’t u make it so like when u have a two handede HRE axeman going up against a shieldbearing Man at Arms, they actually show contact and blocking and that kinda stuff?? we need immersion.

take a look at Ancestors Legacy game for goodness sake they had a tenth of the aoe budget, look what they came up with

Ancestors Legacy First Impressions "Is It Worth Playing?" - YouTube @ 1:30

as someone from an aoe3 background, there was more “life” with smoke, cannonsmoke, trajectories, and blood spilling as well. and i do love cartoony games just as more as realistic ones but i really need the immersion. please just add the option for blood to be turned op, and use all the TV shows where they use the gellatin torso testing to test bullets and stabs because apparently the human body spills blood like a balloon when u poke it, and that’s what we need to see.

as far as attack moves, please make it so it doesn’t look like roblox stick figures with 2 basic attack moves. if theres a pike vs man at arms, give the pikeman an attack move where he knocks down the man at arms and idk man at arms still hits ankle, something. im sure all the sweaters rather just have the basic attack so they can do micro calculations and whatever,

but this is coming from a Top 100 aoe3 player. it’s easy to get into aeo4, but it’s just too hard to stick without the immersion for me. and im a competitive player. ii can’t imagine casuals, i mean it’s gotta be brutal cause im sure they want more immersion than comp players.

give the ppl what they want!


AOE4 is an Esport game!

So for AOE4, simplicity is the Number 1 priority.
This is why the game is so lifeless, dull, and horrible for most AOE fans.

Ancestors legacy is a great game and I love its combat, it is just so satisfying to see them fight and kill each other with incredibly realistic combat motions.

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also esports result in less of everything is better approach, see how aoe4 does nothing new, but rather falls flat against any of its predecessors? even graphics suffered for esports, you can’t convience me otherwise

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Ancestors legacy is such a great game! Especially watching your men battle the enemy. But Age of Empires is a much bigger scale game. In Ancestors, you had like, tops, 9 squads. Same as with Company of Heroes. In Age of Empires, you have far bigger armies. Not only will you start overlooking all the individual combat animations (as naturally most people would), but I imagine it would also take more computing power. And even if it doesn’t, then you need bigger more open battlefields, like in the real world I guess. Else if you attack in a more narrow path, like what already happens in the game anyway, it will become a long slog as the frontline troops fight it out first. It will just change the entire way Age of Empires is played. It works for smaller scale like Ancestors and even CoH, but Age of Empires is not that kind of game. Don’t get me wrong though, I love realism, graphics, and animations. This is just my thought.

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