Blood ice and steel campaign


Im playing Blood ice and steel campaign and at 16% last mission of act 1. When i continue the game
its give me the end credits of the game and no act 2 ???
Is this a bug or do i miss something ?

Btw im not playing the beta but the full game…

Had similar issues, intead after pirates! Mission ive got full indian act and jumped straigh to the last mission, i used the “this is too hard”. At the mission wich “jumps” and next cutscene cane, try it out yourself!

Yes, I tryed “this is too hard” it doesn’t work on the last mission in act 1
Gone try to delete my profile and saves.

Yes it worked what you suggested. I did it the “this is too hard” in the pirate mission and skipped all mission also the stucked mission. Now i see 2 video clips and 1 new mission.
I was stuck in the Temple of the Aztec mission btw.
Thanks for you help.

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