Blood is often not visible for dead units

Game Version:

  • Build (101.101.35584.0 4714640)
  • Platform (Steam)


This issue happens both with default blood and with Crimson Blood mod (makes blood more noticeable and last as long as corpses do). I didn’t had this issue in past versions of the game.

Firstly blood is not visible in fog of war. I killed these 2 knights at the same time. Observe, that knight in line of sight has blood visible, while knight outside line of sight (in fog of war) doesn’t have blood visible.

Same bug is much more noticeable with Crimson Blood mod enabled. This reduces immersion by a lot :slightly_frowning_face:

For comparison here is a screenshot from earlier version of the game showing how same battlefield looked like with properly displayed blood.

Also when there are a lot of dead units on the map, then blood won’t be displayed for many of them even in line of sight. From this screenshot can be observed, how most dead units don’t have blood, while few do. I have “Particles” set to “High” under graphics options, so I expect to see blood for all dead units (except some siege units) like in previous versions of the game. Currently battlefields appear quite glitched due to missing blood pools.

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@GMEvangelos Has this issue been noticed by developers? :slightly_smiling_face:
Death and blood should go hand in hand :smiley:

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Hey there @Yorok0! We have been investigating it internally, but have not been able to reproduce the behavior you highlighted above. Our Test team has a few questions that you can answer that might help them out:

  • Can you please ensure that you are using the latest drivers for your GPU.
  • [if you continue to experience issues after updating your drivers], can you please provide a saved game file or replay of a game where the issue happened?

Anything you can provide that will help paint a picture of the problem will help the team figure out exactly how to get it fixed!

Thanks for the report!

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I updated my GPU (GeForce MX150) drivers to the latest version (445.75 17.03.2020), but problem still exists.

Blood not visible.txt (269.6 KB)
Here is a replay (rename “txt” extension to “aoe2record”) of first issue (dead unit outside line of sight has no blood). In replay I will move one of my knights away and then kill both knights at same time. Observe, how dead knight outside line of sight has no blood. I had Crimson Blood disabled for this testing, so had native blood effects.

@Yorok0 A few questions from the team:

  • Are you running any mods of any kind?
  • If you disable all mods and re-launch the game, do you see the same issue?

Thank you!

I disabled all mods, relaunched game and issue still existed.
Here are my graphics options in case they help

Can you also include a list of your mods, please, that I may pass to the team?

I may, but does it really matter, when I disabled all mods and relaunched the game for latest test? Mods have no effect, when they are disabled, right?

Issue still exists in build “101.101.37906.0 5105673 Steam” :slightly_frowning_face:
It might be part of the general issue affecting blood, hero glow, particles and building fire:

I am having fun with cobra cars, but where is the blood?

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yorok, @GMEvangelos I just realized, this issue is closely tied to hero glow and other graphic for that matter. in fact, it is actually the same problem. when there are too many units in game, particle effect disappears.

blood/heroglow, building fire and bunch of other .json particle effects are all the same. which is now being tracked by dev hopefully. in AGE3, they are all done as particle effect so this is clearly an issue.

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Yeah, seems logical. In addition to blood not being visible when many units are dead, there is also the problem of blood not being visible in fog of war (described in first post of this topic). Have you noticed other particle effects not being visible in fog of war?

I think theres an option in AGE3 you can choose to have graphic show in fog of war or not. I remember seeing it and tested it. might be to do with smx graphics not particle effect tho i forgot.

the lightning thing i did is also particle effect so when there are too many units in the game… you see units dying but dont see lightning.

This is not an issue, devs have intentionally done it this way.

do you have a link for it? and why its intentionally done? we would like to know reason maybe too hard on computer hardware?

This is certainly a bug. I have set particles to “High” and this means, that I should see all particles regardless of how many units are in game or whether blood is in fog of war. Seeing dead unit without a blood is a graphical glitch and doesn’t make sense.

If developers want to reduce performance impact of particles on High setting, then they should add Ultra setting which displays all the particles.

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he say its not an issue and claim dev intentionally do it this way, yet when asked doesn’t respond and provides no proof. I myself checked tracked bug list and haven’t seen anything close to this that is “by design” similar to the fps capped bug.

I’d take what he said with grain of salt and wait for dev to hope they fix the particle problem.

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Thank you for the follow up. This is being tracked in our internal database for review, though it may be some time before it moves too the top of the priority list. For now, the only extra information that might help are any steps or techniques to improve the situation.

Thanks again; I will keep you informed if anything changes! =)

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